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Q: I live in an apartment complex where there are rules about growing plants on your balcony. The thing is, there are few better simple pleasures in life for me than picking my own home grown under the open sky. I live and work in a city, so becoming a…
Q: I have been growing for a while, and like most growers have had occasional battles with insects in my crop. However this time, it’s a little different. The crop is on a decline due to a really severe infestation that I just can’t seem to get under control with…
Q: Hey, really liking your new RAW! column. You have always told it like it is, but my friends and I are really appreciating your help as a grower with what goes on outside of the grow room too. This one might be right up your alley:
Q: I have been enjoying the benefits that indoor growing offers for almost a year now. As a new but serious grower, I put a lot of time, effort and expense into my project. Happy to say the hard work is paying off. However, the problem that I am having…
Q: I just built a great grow room, and my plants are starting to come up really strong, but unfortunately it seems my new neighbourhood is inhabited by some nosy neighbours and even some sketchy characters I think might be scoping my set up. What have you found are the…
Q: My girlfriend doesn’t like my grow operation, but business is really taking off. She doesn't like the all the time it requires to run a successful hydroponics operation. What do I do now? Do I have to choose between my girlfriend and my growing? Jeff – Bakersfield, CA

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