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Adrienne Johns

Adrienne Johns

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All EU countries fight against discrimination – they want to have the freedom to smoke, grow and treat their pain with cannabis!

Although seen as not-that-important by many people who have little to do with Europe, we are happy to put light on this subject by showing how the people of Europe have found a way to guarantee equality amongst the member states of the European Union. By challenging the authorities with an international, Union-wide petition, seven Europeans have organized the `Weed like to talk citizens’ initiative.

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When creating a hydroponic garden, just like with any other environment for that matter, it is very important to be constantly aware of the pH levels inside your water tank and around the roots. This can be done in several ways, with two kinds of measuring tools and with a lot of checks before, right after and long after you’ve inserted the fertilizers and supplements into your “soil”.

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