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Happy Kreter

Happy Kreter

Happy is a regular contributor to RosebudMag.com and has written for various other publications, including Black Belt, Inside Hockey, and FoxSports.com. He transitioned to life as a writer following a decade-long career as a touring musician. He lives with his son in Vancouver, British Columbia

Website URL: http://www.rosebudmag.com/hkreter

Hey growers, this week we’ve got a kind of a retro-but-not-retro column of music picks for you. We’ve got an all punk and pop-punk edition of Hot Stuff. The roots of pop-punk go all the way back to the beginning, in the ‘70s, when bands like Buzzcocks and Generation X kicked out super catchy pop gems with a punk edge. The genre blew way up in the ‘90s when Green Day, NOFX, and Screeching Weasel rocked it out, each with their own version of three-chord punk. New Found Glory caught the tail of that wave, just as the genre was really going mainstream. Then Blink-182 led the charge over the airwaves, as pop-punk became the new arena rock. But even as the trend died, some bands stayed true, kept recording, and touring. And they’re still at it, while new bands continue to keep the flame burning on indie labels. We’ve got New Found Glory and some other great bands to check out this week, so dig in.

The Bunny The Bear will not be everyone’s cup of tea. The Buffalo, New York band pummels listeners with a mixture of electro-pop and metalcore, thereby alienating most fans of either genre. But if you’re ready for something different, if you’re ready to smash some boundaries, then get ready for a mind-bending combo of high-pitched hooks and brutally heavy breakdowns. You’re either gonna love ‘em or hate ‘em. And they’re cool with that.

This week we've got another eclectic mix of music for the diverse personalities that make up the indoor growing community. We kick things off with alternative rock legends They Might Be Giants, and follow up with everything from melancholy folk to blasting hardcore. We've also got the future of indie rock plus one of the best post-hardcore records of the year. Don't miss it.

All right growers, it’s that time again. We’re sharing some of the records that have been rocking the Rosebud Magazine offices this week, and while they’re all fresh releases, I have to admit, not everyone has been on board for our first band here. That said, enough of the staff have been unable to get enough of Simple Plan that we’re leading with them. That’s right. In spite of the fact that none of us are teenage girls hanging out at the mall, the new album from the Montreal pop-punkers has infected us in the best way. But we’ll get to that soon enough. Rest assured that we also have a healthy dose of cutting edge music from a variety of genres, as usual, including some amazing electronic next-level goods from Vagrant Records. We’ve also got some punishing raw hardcore, dark synthpop, and slow as molasses doom rock. All that darkness ought to balance our accounts. But first off, let’s get to the pop!

There’s no shortage of celebrity photo scandals out there, but Scarlett Johansson seems to have set a new high for interest in nude pics of a Hollywood starlet. But before her, the likes of Britney Spears, Vanessa Hudgens, and Rosebud Magazine cover star Rihanna all had their naughty bits exposed on the web.

Hot Stuff is back, and this time we’ve got another diverse mix of sounds to wind down summer 2011. We’re kicking it off with some classic rockin the form of a reissue from Ozzy Osbourne. We’ve also got some heavy hitters from other genres, including everything from Beirut’s worldly indie-folk to Fountains of Wayne’s catchy rock n’ roll. Throw in a little Mates of State and a dash of The Horrors and you’ve got a little something for indoor growers of all stripes.

We Came As Romans burst onto the music scene in 2009 with their debut full-length To Plant A Seed on Equal Vision Records. That was the culmination of a few years of releasing their own EPs and honing their sound, and it made a huge splash, cracking the Billboard 200 and reaching #25 on the indie charts. Now the band is back with a killer follow up, Understanding What We’ve Grown To Be.

In the current issue of Rosebud Magazine, we’ve got a really cool article on the universities around North America that offer you an education in hydroponics, growing, and related disciplines. These are institutions where you can spend your college fund not only partying, but learning fun ways to earn a lot of money as a grower when you graduate.

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Hot Stuff is our chance here at Rosebud Magazine to let you know about the sounds filling our ears as we spend our work-week pumping out the best hydroponics gardening info on newsstands and the web. This week, we’ve got a bit of a heavier, more rocking selection than usual, featuring metal masters In Flames to kick things off. We’ve also got some punk and hardcore, and more metal. Well, some weeks are like that. Last week was a grab bag of genres, this week, we’re a little heavier, a little louder than usual. Hope you’re feeling it, too.

Devoted comedy afficiandos are already familiar with Tig Notaro, as are fans of The Sarah Silverman Program, who will recognize the Mississippi-born stand-up comic for her regular appearances on that show. But new fans will be turned on to Notaro's unique style of comedy thanks to her debut album, Good One, which is about to drop courtesy of indie label extraordinaire Secretly Canadian, who take a quick break from musical releases to make their first foray into the comedy realm. RosebudMag.com managed to snag Tig from her busy schedule for an email interview.

It’s another week of cool records bumping the stereo speakers in the Rosebud Magazine office. I know we usually present a fairly eclectic mix for you, but this week, we’re really all over the map. Taking Back Sunday delivers the best mainstream rock has to offer, while Lykke Li darkens up the pop world. Meanwhile, we’ve got pop-punk from Fireworks, mellow indie sounds from Vetiver, the return of an old favorite hip-hop MC, and some black metal to peel the paint off your walls. Ready? Let’s go.

It’s been an exciting musical week here in the Rosebud Magazine office. We have been bumping music that runs the gamut from mellow to heavy, fast to slow, melancholy to fun. First of all, the latest from Canadian singer-songwriter Dallas Green’s City and Colour is nothing short of amazing. Then we’re shakin’ it to the hook-laden sounds of a couple of European pop rockers, The Wombats and The Sounds. We’ve got a throwback to the ‘90s underground, and a couple of our favorite hard and heavy releases of the year. Check it out:

This week, we’ve got some of the best records of the year to share with you. Bon Iver has absolutely blown us away here in the Rosebud Magazine office, while Fucked Up are redefining a musical genre (or two) with another amazing full-length. We Pedro the Lion fans are also psyched on the new David Bazan record. And of course, no online edition of Hot Stuff would really be complete without some metal, which we bring to you this time in the form of Swedish ‘80s revivalists, Portrait. And there's still more music to highlight your summer growing season, so let’s get to it:

Justin Timberlake is the subject of an exclusive interview in the current issue of Rosebud Magazine, and while JT rose to fame as a pop singer, he is now equally well known as an actor. We’ve assembled some clips of him flexing his acting chops here. Enjoy.

In this month's edition of Rosebud Magazine, we gave you five recipes for drinks that included ingredients from your hydroponic garden. But we found so many great drinks with hydroponic possibilities that we ended up with extra recipes. We love these too much to keep them to ourselves, so without further ado, here are five more delicious summer drinks:

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