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There’s a sour side to every summer barbeque. It might be Uncle Ted, who always has a few too many beers, but if you’re lucky, it’ll be a sliver of dill cozying up to that juicy burger and salty potato chips. 

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Spring is near and it’s time to shape up and shave off those extra pounds. Pairing these power foods with a well-balanced workout routine will help you increase lean muscle mass and lose weight, as well as strengthen your bones, lower blood pressure and fight heart disease. These are the foods that give you the most health benefits in the least amount of calories.


Take out the tongs — grill season is here again. But before you wrangle a batch of steaks from the butcher, make sure you’ve got the right grill. Though you can find everything from small hibachis for tailgating to trailer-mounted units big enough to take a side of beef, the grill you get should be a lifestyle fit.

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Admit it. At one time or another, you have spent somewhere between $6 and $10 on a fresh-pressed organic juice and guiltily slunk down the street, trying not to let anyone see you’re a yuppie at heart. But damn it, those rows of pretty rainbow-colored bottles are just so eye-catching! Then again, maybe you’re not such a sucker for snazzy packaging.


Full-bodied and heady, with a grapefruit and pepper tenor. Lately, conversations about beer have been sounding suspiciously like winespeak. Connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike are talking about terroir, aroma, and notes for their beers.

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Everything is going green — your supermarket, your favorite restaurant, your job, your cars, your clothes — and the world of viticulture hasn’t been immune to the trend. Unfortunately, many early attempts by winemakers to jump on the green bandwagon resulted in low-quality wines, causing discerning drinkers to attach a stigma to terms like “organic” and “natural.”

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