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When President Barack Obama pushed through a “health care reform” law (known as the Affordable Care Act or ACA) in 2010, it had some good and some bad to it. The Supreme Court has now ruled that the ACA is constitutional.

However, this ruling, and the ACA itself, does not mean Americans have better health or health care...

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 When you’re growing high value hydroponics crops you’ve invested a lot of time and money in, you rely on your plants and gardening skills…but you also rely on trusting the folks who make hydroponics nutrients and supplies. You’re trusting they’ve tested their products on the crops you grow, and that they insist on professional quality control and manufacturing standards.

When I first heard hundreds of millions of taxpayer $$$ were being handed to military and private corporations to create drones, robots and other “unmanned vehicles” for surveillance, warfare, and assassination, I immediately recalled the movie They Live, the prophetic 1988 film accurately and symbolically predicted what’s happened to our right to privacy, safety and freedom.

One of the movie’s most memorable scenes shows the movie’s hero surveilled by a tiny, hovering flying “eye.” Well, that’s not science fiction anymore. They Live lives now: in one of the videos embedded in this article, you see a police drone that looks a lot like the “fictional” drone in the 1988 movie.

Look in the sky... it's a bird, it's a plane- No, it's a Predator drone, and it's watching you!

If you have a couple of hours after you read this article, watch this awesome movie here, or buy it. This is one “sci-fi” movie that tells the truth about how our world is right now…

Now that hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money has been used by private corporations and the U.S. military to build and operate a vast army of drones, robots and other unmanned vehicles in foreign wars, President Obama recently signed a law clearing the way for “unmanned aircraft systems” to operate in the USA within the next couple of years.

Civilians, the military, police departments, universities and others are allowed to operate drones in our airspace, taking us many steps closer to full implementation of a They Live world.

Aerial drones can be as small as a bird, or as big as a full-size radio-controlled hobbyist airplane. They often have electric motors, so you can’t hear them coming.

Drones can be armored and weaponized with a variety of disabling or even lethal technologies, including mace, Kevlar, grenades, shotguns and missiles.

Some are small enough to fly through an open window, into your home. They hover for long periods of time, silently watching you, and then they can kill you.

They’re operated by people far away, so there’s no accountability. You never knew what hit you, or who was in charge when the hit took place.

As with the many documented incidents overseas (incidents that Obama says didn’t happen), innocent people are at wedding parties, gardening, making love, eating dinner, minding their own business, having nothing to do with terrorism…then suddenly out of the sky a drone obliterates you and everything and everyone around you.

Aerial Drones: A Hit Man’s Dream

If drones sound like a hit man’s dream, they are. They’re also a wonderful opportunity for law enforcement to violate civil liberties and privacy protections, and attack citizens, without ever having to engage us directly.

And it’s not just police, military, corporations and other organizations you have to worry about—it’s also “model aircraft hobbyists” who fly model airplanes, helicopters and gliders, and soon will be able to fly drones.

Thanks to lobbying dollars that bought political access, these folks are allowed to use most any “non-weaponized” drone they can afford to build or buy, as long as it weighs 55 pounds or less, operating them in our civilian airspace.

Surely there must be some regulation, you say. Ha ha…the law Obama signed has few if any specific regulatory details.

The current law allows amateur drone operators to do whatever they want with their supposedly unarmed drones, as long as their drone activities comply with unspecified “community standards” that have yet to be defined, and probably never will be defined.

And of course, no civilian model aircraft operator could ever figure out how to turn a legal non-lethal drone into a lethal drone. That would be too hard, right? Wrong. It’s easy to hack a drone and weaponize it.

You don’t have to be paranoid to worry about drones, just aware. Obama’s people “defend” the use of killer drones as “ethical and just.” That’s what White House counterrrorism “expert” John Brennan said recently.

U.S. drone strikes routinely kill innocent men, women and children, not just in Afghanistan and Iraq, but also in countries were we are not “at war.”

Some drone strikes are carried out even though the military has no actual knowledge or proof that the dead people were actually associated with terrorism.

These so-called “signature strikes” are like racial profiling…if a man in Yemen is young and carrying a rifle, he’s assumed to be a terrorist, and the drone blows him up.

Worse yet, the are credible reports that U.S. drones returned to the site of an earlier drone attack to target emergency workers trying to save innocent civilians.

Still, Brennan says it’s absolutely fine for the USA to use lethal drones, even to kill U.S. citizens who’ve never been convicted of a crime…as long as the USA says it’s fine.

At one venue where Brennan was making a speech defending drones, a woman protester shouted at him about “innocent victims.”

"They deserve an apology from you, Mr. Brennan,” she said. “How many people are you willing to sacrifice? Why are you lying to the American people and not saying how may innocents have been killed?"

The tiny, middle-aged woman protester was attacked by a massive male security guard, who tried to silence her as he carried her away.

The woman is lucky Brennan didn’t do a drone hit on her.

Who loves drones? The military loves them, especially because they allow a soldier to sit at a computer terminal at a military base near Las Vegas and surveil and kill people half a planet away.

It’s the same principle as using unmanned vehicles, unmanned robots, dogs, dolphins and other animals as military “force multipliers.” The mantra is:

Why risk a soldier when you can send a machine or animal to get killed?

As always, follow the money. Drone economists say the U.S. drone industry will be worth $5-8 billion within the next 2-3 years. Most of the profits made by drone manufacturers come from taxpayer money.

The world’s largest drone lobbying group is the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), which claims more than 500 corporate members in nearly 60 countries.

AUVSI explicitly states that its lobbying power (translation: legal bribery of members of Congress) was responsible for the rapid government decisions to allow drones into USA airspace.

Corporations that profit from drone design and manufacture are affiliated with some of the most virulently pro-war organizations, people, and governments in the world.

Several drone corporations are affiliated with the Israeli military. Drone corporations are often staffed by ex-military, mercenaries, and spy personnel.

One big surprise is that along with police departments, U.S. universities are among the most enthusiastic drone supporters. At Georgia Tech, Kansas State and many more universities, tech professors and their students are eagerly sucking down direct military and defense contractor money (translation: taxpayer money) to help develop new stealth drone technologies.

University researchers and reps are hanging out at drone conferences with members of the military, police agencies, spy agencies, and with private defense contractors.

Their unholy alliance infuses warlike, police technology and motivations into public universities. This is similar to how Monsanto, the killer corporation that makes GMOs and environmental poison, has bought off universities.

At present, nearly 60 government agencies are authorized to fly drones in USA airspace, and it’s impossible to get a straight answer from agencies like the DEA, National Security Agency, FBI and Homeland Security when you ask them what drones they’re using, why they’re using them, and where they’re using them.

Obviously, domestic use of drones reduces our privacy and civil liberties.

We’ve already learned that governments and private industry colluders carry out massive surveillance of our lives by monitoring our cell phones, GPS, Facebook, Twitter, Google searches, emails and other data. Now we learn that Congress, President Obama, the military, spy agencies, police, universities, corporations, and amateur “model aircraft” enthusiasts have teamed up in a bizarre coalition to steal our skies, back yards and privacy away from us.

Want to snuggle with your lover on a hot day out on your back yard deck? Want to garden outdoors?

As drones invade USA airspace, the neighborhood drone snoop with his drone, or some government agency, will be drone-watching every step you take, every move you make, every vow you break…

And don’t think you can hide in darkness. Drones are equipped with night vision and infrared radar so they can see in the dark and see through walls.

Watch They Live, and see where all this is heading. The reality of what we’re facing is worse than the books 1984 and Brave New World ever imagined.

As the Surveillance State and Police State gain access, profits, power and technology, we’re losing our ability to live without being watched, to be free from oppression, to be able to defend ourselves.

There may well come a time when almost everything you do is monitored by people authorized to terminate you if you step out of line.

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What I really enjoy is sitting next to high-powered rich people, with whom I employ my journalistic persona: smile a lot, affirm everything the person says, flatter them, memorize the conversation.

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Jake was the older, bigger kid in my neighborhood, the guy we feared because he was a vicious bully. He’d knock you off your bicycle, steal your lunch money, and throw water balloons filled with pee at you.

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When we talk about saving the earth, environmentalism, going green, sustainability and similar issues, we automatically look for solutions that fit into industrial capitalist society. As fossil fuel byproducts harmfully accumulate in our air, land and water, we talk about electric cars, solar power and recycling. We never hear government officials, policymakers or mass groups of citizens challenging industrial capitalism itself. Nor do we hear people ask what does sustainable mean.

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Fresh from winning two Grammys and no longer in relapse or rehab, Eminem is set to share top billing with Grammy champion Arcade Fire at this year’s Bonnaroo Music Festival in the wilds of Tennessee. With the Bonnaroo Music Festival in its tenth year, and Lil Wayne out of jail and back to his skank-ho lyrics, this year’s Bonnaroo will have something for everyone.

Super Bowl XLV! It almost sounds like a video game title, but it’s actually the Feb. 6th holy Super day when the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers battle for football’s biggest prize. Off the field on your television set will be another kind of battle- the battle for Super Bowl ad supremacy. Let’s be honest…the Super Bowl football game is just a front for Super Bowl commercials...most of which are beer commercials! After all, 30-second commercials for this year’s Super Bowl on Fox will cost nearly $3 million each! But don't expect to see the one that shows Jesus and President Obama fighting. Fox just won't allow it.

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I have a crush on GameCrush. She’s the future of dating, gaming, online sex, and almost everything else delicious that you can get on a computer. GameCrush is a gaming “dating” community. It’s a way for you to turn your love of Microsoft Xbox into a sex box. And in a world of so many unemployed, bored and alienated young people, GameCrush is also a way to make money, especially if you’re a cute, edgy, nerdy girl who knows her way around an Xbox and looks good in front of a webcam.

I’m a gentle soul who harms nobody, but I’ve had a hotshot criminal defense attorney on retainer for many years, and it gives me sweet peace of mind, even though I’ve never had to use him. Because these days, you can hardly get through life without having a need for an attorney or lawyer. Whether it’s for a will, a business dispute, a pre-nuptial agreement, fighting off false DUI or other criminal accusations, or personal injury cases, having an excellent lawyer or attorney in your corner gives you a big advantage in today’s dog eat dog world.

When you want investigative journalism that tells you the truth about the powerful forces and people that are changing your world for the worse, you’ll find it mostly on the internet because mainstream media is a corporate-controlled public relations and propaganda machine for people and organizations that aren’t your friends. Let’s take a look at investigative journalism sources that have more credibility and usefulness than CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, USA Today, National Public Radio (NPR) or your local newspaper. They are: Democracy Now, Pro Publica, Common Dreams and WikiLeaks.

Libertarian US Congressman Ron Paul has become the first member of Congress to talk sense about WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, the Iraq War and how the US government and some pundits have reacted to WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange. In a speech to the House of Representatives, Paul described antagonism to WikiLeaks as “hysterical” and questioned the entire framework on which the US “war on terror” is based.

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I was a child visiting London with my parents 30 years ago when the news of the John Lennon assassination first broke. It has made every December 8th since then a bit sadder.

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