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14 Aug

Hydrofarm Struggles to Regain Consumer Trust

Hydrofarm lost the trust of consumers by distributing toxic chemicals in its products. Hydrofarm lost the trust of consumers by distributing toxic chemicals in its products.


Hydroponic manufacturing giant Hydrofarm is on the mend following legal trouble that damaged its reputation earlier this year. The company, which boasts 35 years in the industry as America's oldest hydroponics wholesaler, is due to pay $315,000 in fines to the Environmental Protection Agency after selling unregistered pesticides that could cause bodily harm.

The products in question were not distributed with safe handling literature or listed as pesticides despite their toxicity. One product was a vaporized sulfur designed to combat greenhouse mildew and the other contained a high-grade hydrogen peroxide for the sanitization of hydroponic instruments. Both posed a severe risk to human health if not used correctly.

As part of their fine, Hyrdrofarm agreed to stop selling the two items. The company is also taking extra precautions to ensure they don't find themselves in the same sort of trouble again by requesting that every vendor provide a warranty, proper label, and registration for their merchandise. However, once the public's trust is gone, it's hard to win back. Consumers have wisely begun turning their loyalty elsewhere, seeking more reputable hydroponics companies to help nourish their gardens.

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The EPA wouldn't stand for Hydrofarm's toxic shenanigans.
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