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11 Oct

Aqualibrium Garden Gives Home Aquaponics a Stylish Makeover

The Aqualibrium is a new take on aquaponics. The Aqualibrium is a new take on aquaponics.

A modular-designed home aquaponics system called "The Aqualibrium Garden" is only 20% away from reaching the marketplace thanks to supportive funders on Kickstarter. The modern looking indoor garden reaches four feet high, supports 13 gallons of tank water and features two square feet of growing space complete with nine-watt LED lights.

Although the prototype featured in the company's Kickstarter video is made of white plastic, the final product will come in a clear, UV protected, and scratch-resistant plastic, and ship fully assembled. If you have children or pets around the house, don't worry, the garden will be accompanied by clear coverings for the lower open fish tank, just in case someone decides to stick their hand, or paw, inside. 

The garden's creators aim to market the Aqualibrium at an affordable price, in order to make it accessible to families and allow for the purchase of multiple units without a heavy price burden. Either way, the Aqualibrium will be a sure investment - the company has said that each unit "can pay for itself with food cost savings alone."



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Here’s a closer look at the Aqualibrium garden.
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