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17 Jul

Strawberry Growers Get Sweet Hydroponic Deal At University of Arkansas

Hydroponic strawberries are soon to abound in Arkansas. Hydroponic strawberries are soon to abound in Arkansas.


If you were ever wondering how to maximize your yield of strawberries while sticking to eco-friendly principles, look no further. The National Strawberry Sustainability Initiative is teaming up with the University of Arkansas to create a series of videos designed to guide any curious strawberry grower on the path to better and greener cultivation. 

Led by the University's chief horticulturist, Dr. Michael Evans, the project will have one central goal: teach strawberry producers how to grow healthier strawberries year round with hydroponic systems.

Using hydroponic growing methods such as high tunnels and drop-wall greenhouses, the initiative hopes to open producers to new ways of thinking about growing, while reducing water usage and the industry's reliance on pesticides and chemicals. 

Fellow horticulture professor Curt Rom summed up the venture on the University's website. ”We seek to reduce the environmental impact of production, to reduce transportation distances between farms and markets or consumers, to reduce product loss in the supply-value chain and improve the environmental and economic sustainability of the production system.”

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Arkansas could soon have hydroponic strawberry fields forever.
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