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31 Jul

Hydroponically Grown Green City Growers Is Part Of The Community


Green City Growers Cooperative, which opened in Cleveland in late 2012, is realizing its goal as a local, fresh food provider for low income residents. The facility is the largest food production greenhouse in the United States within a core urban area and enjoys a whooping 3.25 acres of hydroponic growing area. That translates into a millions of heads of lettuce per year, not to mention 300 pounds of various herbs, all distributed within a 50-mile radius to local grocers and food service operators.

Green City is not only a source for delicious leafy greens in the Cleveland area but employs 25 full-time employees from the city itself with 17 new employees due in the near future. Employees at the greenhouse become versed in farming and greenhouse growing and own a stake in the company since the greenhouse is worker-owned.

The facility was funded by a Community Development Block Grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and expects to turn a profit in 2014.

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