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22 Aug

MON810 Corn Shucked Out of Italy

Italy says no to GMO corn, at least for the time being. Take that, Monsanto! Italy says no to GMO corn, at least for the time being. Take that, Monsanto!


Monsanto's business ties in Europe continued to deteriorate this summer as Italy joined fellow EU members in the fight against GMOs and banned Monsanto's MON810 corn variety from their fields.

80% of Italians support the ban - a public sentiment that proved reason enough for Italy's agricultural ministry to follow through with the ban. The ministry claimed the ban was necessary to protect biodiversity throughout the country as well as the mark of high quality associated with Italian produce. Currently, there are eight countries within the EU that ban GMO cultivation entirely.

Sergio Marini, president of Italy's largest farming association, Coldiretti's, said of the ban, "The protection of Italian distinctiveness must be a policy priority since it determines the existence of ‘Made in Italy,’ which is our engine, our future, our leverage to return to growth in the food industry."

MON810 will be banned from the country for 18 months.

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It's not just Italians. Farmers around the world reject GMO agriculture.
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