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13 Aug

Monsanto Plays The Victim in GMO Wheat Scandal

GMO wheat has been found growing in Oregon. Monsanto says it's not their fault. GMO wheat has been found growing in Oregon. Monsanto says it's not their fault.


Several Oregon farmers are suing Monsanto for a GMO wheat scandal in the Beaver State. Now, the mega-corporation is mounting a counter case against those farmers by including claims of sabotage in its legal defense.

The GMO giants have been thrown in the midst of scandal over the past month after a genetically modified variety of wheat was found growing in a local farmer's field. The variety in question had supposedly been destroyed in the early 2000s after testing had run its course and countries around the world began imposing bans on GMO wheat imports.

Since then, numerous farmers from the state have sued Monsanto for endangering their export potential and devaluing their product. In a harsh rebuttal, Monsanto has claimed that anti-GMO activists are instead responsible for the fiasco, claiming that the wheat was suspiciously distributed since it was limited to only one area in one field and not dispersed throughout. The company is urging the USDA to investigate any possible leads and take the claim under serious consideration.

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