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Gin and juice sipper and prolific gangsta rap producer Snoop Lion is a community garden activist. Not only has he started a grassroots farming program in Jamaica called Mind Gardens, he is working with Reed's soda company in LA to host a sponsorship contest for community gardeners.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013 06:36

Los Angeles Street Gardens Made Legal

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In Los Angeles, the little pieces of land between the sidewalk and the street may soon be community gardens. Gardeners across the city celebrated this week after city council overturned a bylaw that prohibited using the neglected parkways as flower gardens or vegetable plots.


The EPA is holding true to its decision not to reform current testing practices for endocrine disrupting chemicals found in food or the environment despite criticism from a panel of scientists.

Empty buildings are becoming homes to hydroponic set-ups across the US and schoolhouses are no exception. Instead of bulldozing Pittsburgh's Schaeffer Intermediate School, Brian Knuckols envisions an indoor farm stretching across several classrooms. 

Thursday, 15 August 2013 23:03

The Blue Green Box Makes Your Aquarium Aquaponic

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Another home aquaponics rig is due to hit the market soon, this time as an addition to existing aquariums instead of a self-contained unit. Andrew de Melo created a kickstarter campaign late July to fund his aquaponics innovation The Blue Green Box and has reached the $5,000 goal needed to launch his product.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013 19:23

Monsanto Plays The Victim in GMO Wheat Scandal

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Several Oregon farmers are suing Monsanto for a GMO wheat scandal in the Beaver State. Now, the mega-corporation is mounting a counter case against those farmers by including claims of sabotage in its legal defense.


Chicago is trying its hand at urban farming with Farmers For Chicago, a community-based initiative aimed at training residents to grow their own food for sale in local grocery stores and restaurants. Mayor Rahm Emanuel introduced the new agriculture program with hopes of revitalizing the city's economically disadvantaged Southside and establishing partnerships between city farmers.

Monday, 12 August 2013 22:35

Urban Farming May Save Detroit

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The stark landscape of abandoned houses, empty lots, and forgotten businesses that has epitomized Detroit for over a decade threatened to become the municipality's lasting legacy this July. With virtually no industry and 150,000 parcels of land vacated, the city filed for bankruptcy after years of shortfall and a deficit estimated at $20 billion.

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