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31 Jul

PepsiCo's Naked Juice Not So Natural After All


PepsiCo is in hot water again and this time it's for making false claims. The company's line of fresh juices called "Naked Juice" have been through a lawsuit and back, costing the soda manufacturer $9 million in damages. The beverage was brought to court after Pepsi labelled the drink "natural" despite third-party testing revealing otherwise.

Defendants in the case argued that Pepsi had deceived millions of consumers by creating an all-natural image for their products which boasted names such as "Green Machine" and "Protein Zone". Instead the drinks were found to contain a synthetically derived fiber called Fibersol-2 and genetically modified soy.

After everything was said and done, Pepsi Co. opted to simply remove the word "natural" from the product's packaging and all related advertising rather than change their proprietary recipe. At the moment, the website of Naked Juice refers to their drinks as "made with only the purest, freshest fruits and vegetables" in lieu of the disputed term.

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