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16 Oct

Tots Get Into Hydroponics

Preschoolers in Florida are learning to grow hydroponic basil. Preschoolers in Florida are learning to grow hydroponic basil.

Toddlers aged one through five are getting a taste of fresh, hydroponically grown produce at All-Superstars Preschool in downtown Cape Coral, Florida. With the assistance of teacher Kate Sroka, the tots enjoy an extensive outdoor curriculum that includes urban farming.

The garde was donated to the school by the Rotary Club at the suggestion of the Veteran's association, who encouraged the Club to install a hydroponic system where children could experience the benefits of food growing. Now the preschoolers measure their lettuce daily with a ruler and eat ripe tomatoes fresh off the vine.

The children sell the produce when there is a surplus, including sun-kissed basil and other herbs grown by the school. Their classroom pet, Rango the baby dragon, benefits from the garden as well. He nibbles on handpicked lettuce the toddlers harvest and cut-up themselves.

This week, All-Stars will be enjoying a grand opening at their new center in Midtown Cape Coral. Their new location will include a hydroponic garden as well.

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This preschool has begun teaching urban gardening to children.
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