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High Heat Nutes: Growing Tips for Hot Weather

Advanced Nutrients B-52 can help you and your plants beat the heat. Advanced Nutrients B-52 can help you and your plants beat the heat.


One of the biggest challenges growers face outdoors is the heat. Even in climates as mild as Central and Northern California, temperatures can reach over 100°F (38°C) outdoors.

And if the internal temperature of your plants reaches 85°F (30°C), they are already beginning to feel significant stress. At 95°F (35°C), major photosynthetic processes begin slowing, if not completely shutting down.

Of course, the external temperature and the internal temperature aren’t necessarily the same. Just because it’s 96°F outside doesn’t mean that your plants are cooking inside. But that is exactly why it’s important to manage your root zone well—so that despite external conditions, your plants stay cool, stress-free and productive.

Plant Well-Being Begins in the Rhizosphere

Besides inoculating the rhizosphere (root zone) with beneficial bacteria, microbes and sugars (fuel for the bacteria and microbes), your best bet for managing a plant’s stress levels from within the rhizosphere is a capable B-vitamin supplement.

Since 1939, Superthrive has ruled the world of vitamin supplements. It was created by Dr. John A.A. Thomson, an intimidatingly brilliant man who not only held a Ph.D. in biochemistry, but maxed out the standard IQ test. He also lived a happy life doing what he loved and making the world a better place with his invention. He lived to be 100 years old.

However, for certain types of cash crops, plant science has advanced by leaps and bounds since 1939. And one of the best examples of that scientific improvement is Advanced Nutrients’ B-52.

The philosophy of his company, Vitamin Institute, is simple: Healthy soil creates healthy plants. For the last 74 years, Superthrive has proven to be very good at fulfilling this philosophy. Even in inclement weather, with stress elements like intense heat, Superthrive creates healthy enough soil to make dramatic improvements in your outdoor growing. It was effective enough to be the choice fertilizer of the United States Department of Defense during World War II.

However, for certain types of cash crops, plant science has advanced by leaps and bounds since 1939. And one of the best examples of that scientific improvement is Advanced Nutrients’ B-52.

B-52 is a potent, precisely designed B vitamin supplement that works to protect your plants from any kind of stress. Each B-vitamin in B-52 was carefully selected for its role in stress management. And compared to Superthrive, there’s simply no competition. Superthrive contains only one B vitamin — vitamin B1 or thiamine.

Thiamine is effective and is probably the most versatile B vitamin. It ensures that your plants create and use carbohydrates efficiently, increases your plants’ ability to use phosphate (which fuels flower growth), strengthens your plants immune system, and assists in root development.

B-52 contains thiamine, but it also contains the following:

Vitamin B2 (riboflavin): Enhances systemic resistance. This way, your plants are less susceptible to common diseases, some of which disguise themselves as nutrient disorders while insidiously harming your crops.

Vitamin B3 (niacin): An essential substance that contributes to your plants’ metabolism and other basic life functions. Insufficient amounts of B3 lead to slow growth, poor yields and lowered disease resistance.

Vitamin B6: Involved in plant responses to stress such as high light, chilling, drought and ozone. B6 is a root-growth factor and also a key player in a plant’s salt tolerance, as well as amino acid metabolism.

Vitamin B9 (folic acid): Helps plants maintain healthy metabolism and DNA, and upgrades the weight and quality of your harvest. Because B9 breaks down so easily, especially under intense light, it’s essential to replenish this important vitamin as it diminishes. And in the summer, it will.

Vitamin B5: Without sufficient B5, plants die, grow slowly, or become vulnerable to stress disorders and pathogenic diseases that can have grave effects on your yields.

Besides a much more diverse schedule of B-vitamins, B-52 also contains proprietary kelp and seaweed extracts that assist in flower development and ripening, resulting in significant increases in flower weight and potency.

Long story short: B-52 can bolster your plants’ resistance to heat stress by up to 45%, and it has the most diverse and precise schedule of immunity boosters on the market. If you’re growing outdoors in high heat this summer, you need this supplement in order for your plants to reach their full potential.

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The B-52s share their name with an Advanced Nutrients product.

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