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Drone Technology Defeaters: Reclaim Your Grow Room With This Grow Gear

Protect your grow from unwanted attention with this gear. Protect your grow from unwanted attention with this gear.


Having highly reflective surfaces in the grow room contributes to bigger yields and more even growth patterns in your crop. For decades, growers have used reflective films and sheeting to meet these important objectives, but they have often missed one important consideration: infrared protection. With IR detecting drones soon to be swarming the skies above your home, here are a couple of materials that will help provide your garden some privacy.

Lightite Foils

Lightite films keep in all the infrared energy created by your grow lamps, maximizing your energy-efficiency levels. The material works so well that even a high-tech forward-looking infrared (FLIR) camera can’t detect infrared energy from the lamps escaping an indoor gardening enclosure. Like all of Easy Grow’s reflective films, it’s manufactured to the highest standards for performance and consistency in your grow room.

Easy Grow Silver/white Lightite, available in

1.25-meter-width rolls; lengths vary

MSRP: $135 for a 100-foot length


Hydro Innovations Reflector, Duct & Fan Heat Shields

A considerable amount of heat can be generated when growing with artificial light sources. Commonly this heat is carried away or redirected via ductwork with fans. Ironically, these hot-air highways are also passively re-introducing heat into the growing area. Just touch your inline fan or ductwork – they can get hot!

These hot spots can be eliminated by incorporating thermal-efficient fabrics from Hydro Innovations, wrapping them around your ducting or common inline centrifugal fans. The fabric completely encloses hot spots and prevents heat from emanating, as the material is engineered with infrared-reflective properties. In many instances, the material can lower average grow room temperatures by 5°F, which can be the difference between your high-power AC turning on or staying off.

Hydro Innovations Thermal fan and duct fabrics

MSRP: Reflector Cover $59.95,

Fan Cover $64.95, 6-inch Duct Cover $29.95,

8-inch Duct Cover $34.95



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An interesting look at the world of drones.
Last modified on Wednesday, 06 February 2013 00:16

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