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Excel Air Systems: Conquer Summer Heat and Gain Complete Control of Your Grow Op Temperature Featured

The family at Excel Air will cool your grow room right! The family at Excel Air will cool your grow room right!


Excel Air is the kind of company growers love. The Canadian manufacturer provides cooling solutions that are not only extremely effective, but their plug-and-play style means you can do it yourself. What’s more, Excel Air is a family-owned and operated company — they’re the type of folks you can shoot the breeze with and feel good about supporting.

We caught up with the folks at Excel Air to talk about their products and to learn more about what the company has to offer the grower community.

Rosebud Magazine: Can you talk first about the do-it-yourself aspect of your products?

Excel Air: It’s plug-and-play, a complete do-it-yourself system. One way we’re able to achieve that is that the refrigerant is pre-charged in the system. We do all the welding, all the evacuating, all the pressure checks. We keep all the refrigerant in by using specialty resealable plug-and-play fittings. They’re refrigeration-grade fittings.

The size of the molecules of refrigerant are actually a lot smaller than air, so even though you might not get an air leak in a conventional system, refrigerant can easily slip out, so you need to have specialty fittings that allow for that type of gas. Much like a hydraulic fitting, as you connect these fittings together, it will actually push the fitting open, and as you disconnect it, it’ll actually push it back closed, so at no point is any gas escaping. We do that on every connection point.

We have numerous fittings where a mechanic would normally have to do a weld or a braise and check the system for leaks. We remove that whole process and make it as easy as possible for the end client. All they have is their outdoor section, their indoor section, and the standard 40 feet of pre-charged refrigerant copper pipe to go from point A to point B. All you need are two wrenches and your hands.

RM: That’s obviously great for a lot of growers who would rather do things themselves than get someone they don’t know to come in and outfit their grow room.

EA: There are a lot of reasons it’s important to have fittings like that, beyond the obvious security and the ability to do things at your own pace. The additional benefits are that if you need to relocate, it’s easy to disconnect individual pieces, bring them in for servicing and move them easily.

Also, our Stealth line makes things quiet, but we have also taken about half the weight out of the heavier components and spread them out so now you can lift the unit onto roofs or whatever without having to have a crane come out.

RM: We’ll talk more about the Stealth in a moment, but right now I want to emphasize that the portability of your products is a huge advantage for growers.

EA: Not only that, if you need to replace your compressor, you can literally disconnect and plug in a new component in 10 minutes and keep going, whereas usually it would take a full day of a mechanic onsite, if they even have the part you need in stock.

RM: Can you talk about how your products are designed for growers specifically?

EA: The grower market has been a large one for us over the years, so we’ve designed stuff for this market specifically. What it comes down to is total heat loads. As the grower market has changed over the years, there’s a lot more complexity to the spaces and the sealed rooms, where you have different areas for different purposes, and all require different environments. Once we know what our total heat load is, we know how much cooling is required. Then we need to know what the outdoor temperatures are. Are you running during the day or during the night or both? And then what your overall plan is for humidity levels within the environment.

We’ve found that humidity and temperature are among the most important aspects of a sealed space used for agriculture purposes. If you can control these environments, it gives you a proper platform to be able to do the really important tests on nutrients, lighting and grow mediums. Without an even test bench, you don’t know what’s working and what’s not. If one test is 10°F cooler because it’s wintertime, then the individual won’t get clear results. But if you can play God with the environment, you can dictate how well things are going to go.

We’ve noticed that the consistency is unreal. Growers can go in and do what they do every day and get the same quality and yield time and time again. And that gives growers a steady environment to tweak their technique and keep making improvements.

RM: You offer a variety of cooling solutions. Can you tell us about your Stealth line?

EA: The Stealth is our flagship product. What’s unique about it is we actually remove the compressor from the outdoor condensing unit and place it in a sound-deadened box, which can be placed indoors. So we essentially remove all compressor noise from the outside.

Another benefit is weight distribution. Without the compressor and the outdoor condenser — the condenser on our largest unit is maybe around 100 pounds, which one person can move around fairly easily on a dolly — all we’re left with outdoors is a coil, much like a radiator on a car, and your propeller fan to dissipate the heat off the coil. Most air conditioners stop working around 50°F/10°C degrees so that you can’t use your AC anymore. With our fan control, we slow the speed of the fan down relative to the temperature of the refrigerant. This fan will modulate up and down based on outdoor temperature. Our system has been proven to work in -30°C in Northern Quebec, which is unheard of for an air conditioning unit. The Stealth can do all that.

RM: One of the other things Excel Air does so well is provide customer service.

EA: It’s important to us that we’re known for controlling environments, but because these are complete do-it-yourself products, we want them to be accessible to all levels of experienced or inexperienced individuals. We don’t use any distributors; we deal directly with retail shops. Our product is a more technical one, but we back it 100%. It’s important to let people know that we understand their situations, and we’re really good at what we do, so we can help anybody use our products.

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Excel Air's Stealth model is state of the art - quiet and cooling. Get it!
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