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Industry Gab: Bag It Better from Garden ProPak

Garden ProPak will allow you to Bag It Better. Garden ProPak will allow you to Bag It Better.

In every issue of Rosebud Magazine, we catch up with an expert on the frontlines of the hydroponics industry. It’s a chance for our readers to take a look behind the scenes and learn a little bit more about what makes our grower community continue to thrive. This time around, we caught up with Michael Williams from Bag It Better.

Q: What are your current challenges?

M: Educating people about why our stand-up pouches are superior. People glaze over when I start talking about oxygen and moisture transmission rate. They don’t really get what it means to preserve your hard work 12 times better and longer. It’s all about bouquet and preservation.

Q: Where do you see the hydroponics industry going in the next five years?

M: My wish for the next five years is incandescent, LED, or plasma lighting really delivering on number of kilowatt-hours verses grams of product in the indoor market. On the downside, I predict corporate mega-farms pushing out  mom-and-pop growers. This is sad.

Q: What’s the oddest request you’ve ever been asked?

M: Oddest request was meeting a guy at night in a parking lot that wanted to buy some bags. Kind of weird.

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Bonus Feature: Open Letter From Bag it Better

My name is  Michael, and I am the president of Bag It Better. We manufacture the Garden ProPaks, formally Canna ProPak. For 30 years the only options people had to store herbal products were oven bags and food bags.

In the last few years there have been several companies selling thicker versions of these types of bags. I saw a need to create a bag that was actually made for the industry. I didn’t want to make just another thicker oven bag, so I set out to find the best materials I could find to keep odor and freshness in the bag longer. I wanted it to stand up on its own, with a wide-open mouth and a heavy-duty ziploc seal. I also designed the bag to be vacuum-packed and heat-sealed for long-term freshness. I also wanted to be able to nitrogen flush it.

We discovered that we could laminate different materials into a film that would accomplish the goals we were pursuing. The inner film of the Garden ProPak is FDA-approved food-quality plastic. We then added two more films to create a triple-laminated material that accomplished the most odor-proof stand-up pouch on the market today.

All plastic materials are rated by the manufacturers for oxygen-transfer rate, moisture-transfer rate, and puncture-proofing. Garden ProPaks tested 48 times more moisture-proof and 12 times more odor-proof than all other bags currently being used. Yes, it would take 12 oven bags to even come close to the effectiveness of one Garden ProPak.

All of these things were important to us to achieve an herbal storage pouch that would keep products fresher and the shelf life longer than anything else available. In the old days we used mason jars, but that is just not practical. By making an odor-proof stand-up pouch, we also created a perfect container for ripening the bouquet much faster and keeping that bouquet at its peak longer by vacuuming and heat-sealing the pouch.

We are a 21st century company bringing you the next generation in preservation. For more info see our website at

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