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Trim Bin: Ergonomic Innovation for Harvest Time Featured

Trim Bin is an ergonomic way to prepare your harvest flowers. Trim Bin is an ergonomic way to prepare your harvest flowers.


One of the most taxing parts of harvest time is the tedious trimming. Spending hours upon hours hunched over your flowers working a pair of scissors can leave your shoulders, wrists and back aching. Thankfully, there’s Trim Bin, a new product that helps alleviate the awkward postures you end up in while trimming. Additionally, Trim Bin helps you easily collect both your flowers and their pollen in an easy-to-use collection tray so that fewer precious components of your harvest are lost in the cleaning process.

We caught up with Galen Heckathorn, who, along with Ivan Handelsman, is responsible for bringing this innovative product to the market.

“The idea came from trying to create a more comfortable place to work,” explains Heckathorn. “We also thought how cool it would be to be able to do two things at once: collect pollen and work without breaking your back.”

The latter of those two ideas comes courtesy of ergonomic corner cutouts designed to allow you to sit in a chair, on a couch or at a table in a natural, relaxed position.

“Ivan spent nearly two years studying and working with engineers to develop the design that would be best,” says Heckathorn.

In addition to the physical health benefits, the bin comes in two pieces: a top section with a stainless-steel screen and a mirror finish collection tray underneath, to allow easy pollen collection. Just work away on the top tray, allowing the pollen to fall through the screen to the collection tray.

Another positive feature of Trim Bin is that it’s made in California. Galen and Ivan are committed to keeping manufacturing of their invention at home to help boost the domestic economy as well as ensure a high-quality product.

If you’re tired of ending a day of trimming with a sore back, shoulders or wrists, you now have another option thanks to Trim Bin.

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A simple, quick demonstration of the Trim Bin.
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