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DIY Earthbox: High Performance Patio Block Planters

  • Written by  Brandon Pillion
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Making your own Earthbox is a good way to feel handy. Making your own Earthbox is a good way to feel handy.


At Rosebud Magazine, we know our readers are the industrious type. Some of us prefer to try our hand at building our own equipment, and besides, it’s just fun to get out there and make something useful. In issue 23 of Rosebud Magazine we decided to tackle a fun little project - making a self-watering grow container modeled after the EarthBox.

What You Need:

- Heavy-duty utility knife
- 53-liter Rubbermaid tote
- Fine-point Sharpie marker
- Six 2-inch-diameter ABS pipes, 3 ½ inches long
- Drill with ½-inch drill bit
- Peat-based potting soil
- One ½-inch-diameter ABS pipe, 16 inches long
- Hacksaw
- Two 5-inch-diameter net pots

Step 1

Using the marker, plot the locations of where the net pots will be placed and also where the ½-inch ABS pipe will go on the lid.


Step 2

With the lid on the tote, drill several ½-inch holes into the lid in a row pattern. Also drill a ½-inch hole in the side of the tote, 3½ inches from the base of the tote. This is for drainage if you over-water.


Step 3

With the utility knife, cut out two holes for the net pots. Next, cut out the hole for the ½-inch ABS pipe, then cut the lip off around the edge of the lid.


Step 4

With the hacksaw, cut six 3½-inch long pieces of the 2-inch ABS pipe. Next, cut one end of the ½-inch ABS pipe at a 45-degree angle, then cut to a 16-inch length.


Step 5

Now it’s time to assemble all the pieces. Place the six 2-inch pipe pieces in the tote; these will help support the lid after potting soil is added. Place the net pots into the holes you cut out for them. Next, lower the lid into the tote, and slide the ½-inch watering pipe into the cutout hole with the 45 degree end facing down.


Step 6

Carefully add pre-moistened potting soil, making sure to fill the net pots. Add your plants and water. Fill the reservoir with water using the ½-inch watering pipe. For the first few weeks, water your plants from the top until their root system becomes established in the container. Fertilize regularly, and enjoy your harvest.

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Everyone loves a handy man, just ask the legendary James Taylor.
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