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Dos and Don’ts of Selecting a Location for Guerrilla Growing

Planning your outdoor growing location is crucial for success. Planning your outdoor growing location is crucial for success.


Check out these tips for planning your outdoor grow. This is a good one to bookmark and check back in on year after year. No reason to lose a whole season’s work when an expert’s got your covered.

DO NOT choose a spot near electric lines. They are watched and maintained by the government and sometimes sprayed to kill vegetation around the lines and towers.

DO NOT plant near water. Undesirables look for water first when they are looking for you because they know your crop needs it. Unless you are super-remote, bring your water in or pump it from very large distances over tough terrain. Always capsize your setup after each watering.

DO have an escape route and alternative path to your patch so that you do not cut a swath directly to your plants. It is tempting to take the shortest route when going through thick bush with a heavy payload, but it can cost you. If you must beat a trail, have a disconnect between it and the main access point.

DO make sure you have the proper exposure when choosing a spot. You need a southerly exposure with at least eight hours of direct sunlight. Bring a compass so you can orient yourself. If you love the location, spend a day there and clock the hours of direct sunlight. It may seem like a lot of trouble, but if the fall comes and your plants have not flowered completely because of too little sunlight, you will wish you had.

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