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Bigger Hydroponics Roots Equal Bigger Yields: The Beneficial Fun Fungi For Your Roots!

Bigger roots equal better yields and you can make it happen with hydroponics beneficial fungi Bigger roots equal better yields and you can make it happen with hydroponics beneficial fungi

When you think of fungi, do you think of something fun and productive in your hydroponics garden? Maybe not, but fungi can be very fun for your plants’ roots and leaves, and fun for you because it leads to safer plants, stronger plants, and increased hydroponics yields.

To start with, know that beneficial fungi is part of what Nature intends for your plants’ root zone. In healthy, fertile outdoor soil that hasn’t been damaged by chemicals, industrial ag, mining, cities or other modern inventions, beneficial fungi are part of a hidden world of beneficial microbes that live and work underground to benefit plants.

Hydroponics growers using sterile root zone media such as rockwool, coco coir, and hydroton, or systems such as aeroponics or NFT, do not have any natural beneficial microbes in their root zone.

And even if you’re using the richest purchased or self-made soil, it’s not likely you’re getting the right type and concentration of beneficial microbes that are perfect for your hydroponics plants.

What I mean by that is your plants evolved to handle specific strains of beneficial microbes. You can’t just throw any type of beneficial microbes into your root zone expecting to get the benefits that the right type of beneficial microbes provides.

As regards beneficial fungi, it has taken decades of scientific research to figure out which strains are the ones that take care of your hydroponics roots the best. How do they take care of them?

One way is that certain types of fungi such as Trichoderma physically and chemically bond with your plants’ roots to create a protective wall that locks out harmful fungi while also generating enzymes that fight root zone pathogens that can harm your plants.

Other types of fungi are referred to mycorrhizae. These fungi have a different system of action and effect in your root zone, but in a generic way, fungi such as Trichoderma and mycorrhizal fungi such as Glomus have the effect of increasing your plants’ root mass.

You might be wondering why you should care about increasing your plants’ root mass. You’ve probably heard the saying: Bigger Roots Equals Bigger Yields. And that’s absolutely true. Roots are the foundation of your plants. They take in water and almost all your plants’ essential nutrients.

When you enhance your roots you enhance plant metabolism, growth rates, and yields.

Placing beneficial fungi such as Trichoderma and Glomus in your root zone results in more than increased moisture and nutrients uptake because beneficial fungi emit enzymes and other compounds that fight root zone diseases and pathogens while enhancing your plants’ floral metabolism.

Those diseases and pathogens want to eat your roots, thus destroying your plants, and it’s hard (or just plain unwise) to prevent them or kill them using chemicals. The best way to keep your plants from being victimized by harmful root zone microbes is to install beneficial root zone microbes!

Obviously you want to have the positive benefits of beneficial fungi in your root zone, so you want to find out how to do it. Fortunately it’s very simple. You just use Piranha beneficial fungi formula. It’s the only beneficial fungi hydroponics formula that was actually designed and tested on the plants you grow.

The Piranha research process involved isolating, breeding and testing specialty fungi that are exclusive to Piranha and work best for your plants’ roots.

Your hydroponics roots help your plants give you bigger yields when you install beneficial microbes into your root zone!!

Another plus is that only Piranha is manufactured using proprietary technologies and materials that keep the beneficial fungi potent and ready to spring into action in your root zone.

You use Piranha and other beneficial microbes formulas as inoculants when you’re preparing root zone media such as rooting cubes, rockwool, coco coir, or even in soil.

You also use it during the grow and bloom phase to enhance and protect your hydroponics roots. Now you can see why I call this a fun fungi for your hydroponics garden!

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