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Hydroponics Soil Mixes & Healthier Hydroponics Root Zones

Healthy soil mixes make for happy growth! Healthy soil mixes make for happy growth!

The last time we talked about hydroponics soil mixes and hydroponics soil nutrients, we discussed the differing opinions people have about using soil mixes and hydroponics nutrients together. We also looked at the fact that some soil growers believe that soil mixes produce tastier, kinder flowers than hydroponics nutrients and sterile root zone media. I shared my experience on this topic, which is that properly grown and flushed hydroponics sterile media crops seem to taste and smell just as good as crops grown in rich soil without hydroponics nutrients. I also noted that healthy hydroponics root zones are important for nutrients uptake and plant performance.


Why would you use hydroponics nutrients if you have a rich soil mix? Some hydroponics nutrients provide materials that boost growth, early maturation and yield- and these materials aren’t available in even the richest hydroponics soil mixes. And there are many hydroponics plant strains that have their own unique nutritional requirements. When you can use hydroponics nutrients to augment what’s in your hydroponics soil mixes, you can customize your feeding to give your plants exactly what they seek.

Another reason to use hydroponics nutrients in soil mixes is that it’s sometimes hard to get beneficial microbes into your hydroponics soil mix root zone so that they’re alive and doing what they’re supposed to do- which is to break down organic materials so they’re available for your hydroponics plants’ roots to uptake as nutrition.

This is something I have to emphasize very strongly…you can build rich soil using the right elements, but if you don’t have live beneficial microbes in your root zone, the soil is inert for your plants, and they won’t be able to source what they need from it.

Installing beneficial microbes in your root zone can be done in several ways. One way is to create living compost that has microbes on-board, and then use the compost as a portion of your hydroponics soil mixes. You can also make or buy compost tea and use it in watering and foliar spraying.

One hydroponics soil nutrients manufacturer makes liquid beneficial microbes formulas that include beneficial bacteria or beneficial fungi. From the same manufacturer you get a powerful, concentrated liquid enzyme product that breaks down organic materials in the root zone so they’re better available for plant uptake.

Hydroponics soil mixes need beneficial microbes to activate them


An extra benefit of installing beneficial microbes and enzymes in your root zone is that they protect and enhance hydroponics plant roots so the roots are more efficient at intaking water, oxygen and nutrients. Another benefit is that they protect your hydroponics plants’ roots from pathogenic microbes and diseases that like to attack roots. One tip: use a complex carbohydrates formula in the root zone because the carbos feed the microbes so they do more for your roots and plants.

In my next article on this topic, I’ll be providing you a hydroponics soil mix recipe that gives you the best of both worlds: you get a rich soil that’ll feed your plants organically, but not so rich that it will overfeed your plants or prevent you from using hydroponics soil nutrients.

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