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Now Get Sweeter Aroma & Taste from Your Hydroponics Urban Garden

You get sweeter hydroponics urban garden and outdoor flowers when you carboload your crops for maximum yield. You get sweeter hydroponics urban garden and outdoor flowers when you carboload your crops for maximum yield.


When you and your friends visit your hydroponics urban garden or outdoor garden and take a deep breath around your maximum yield crops, you inhale the heady aroma of your thriving flowers and love the scent of success.

And while it’s true that Mother Nature herself is partially responsible for the delicious scent of your flowers, it’s equally as true that you now have 21st century nutrients technology that boosts your crop’s taste, aroma and value…while also increasing the metabolic energy your plants need to give you hydroponics maximum yields.

Not only that…when you use properly-designed and quality-manufactured carbohydrate-taste-aroma boosters in your outdoor or hydroponics urban garden, you’re feeding root zone beneficial bacteria and fungi that protect and enhance your hydroponics roots so you grow stronger, safer, higher-yielding plants!

Getting back to taste and aroma- there’s one carbo-rich nutrient supplement that gives you more taste and aroma from every strain you love…along with revved up hydroponic crops that are raring to go, better able to deliver larger yields faster.

Before I tell you about the only bloom phase formula you use to get more crop energy, bigger yields, more taste, more aroma and more “Oh Wow!” moments in your urban garden or outdoor garden, let me caution about what you don’t want to use.

Thing is, some manufacturers are marketing mysterious “Brix” spray products for coating plants just before harvest and for use as a “wet cure.”

Manufacturers claim these products could possibly add finished weight, taste and aroma to your crops, but trustworthy grandmaster and professional growers warn that these “Brix Plus” products damage plants (they interfere with leaf respiration), decrease your crop output, and create a very unpleasant, low-value and potentially health-endangering experience for end users.

As more and more growers are realizing, there’s one multi-benefit formula guaranteed to increase the carbohydrates available to your urban garden root zone microbes and your hydroponics plants.

And this formula is not sprayed on your crops, it’s fed to them via the root zone. That’s the only safe and smart way to deliver carbohydrates to your hydroponics plants.

This formula stimulates hydroponics plant growth with all 21 L-form amino acids, B vitamin complex, cranberry and grape extracts, molasses, malt, Arabinose, Dextrose, Glucose, Maltose, and Xylose (the only carbos your plants can actually absorb).

This bloom phase formula is known as Bud Candy precisely because it makes your flowers taste, smell and look like candy when you use it in your hydroponics urban garden and your outdoor garden for maximum yield today. Now- enjoy those deep breath moments in your garden even more!

You too can have a bunny eat your tastier hydroponics urban garden flowers, but not a bunny with this much fur!

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