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Hydroponics Insider Smart Tips for Maximum Yield in Your Hydroponics Urban Garden Featured

With pH Perfect you stop worrying about hydroponics pH problems With pH Perfect you stop worrying about hydroponics pH problems

Hydroponics maximum yield in your indoor hydroponics urban garden is easier to achieve when you use these smart tactics known by professional commercial growers…

If you want to feed fresh nutrients batches more frequently than once a week, reduce the ppm of each batch.

* If you’re growing in a commercial soil mix such as Sunshine Mix or Pro-Mix, ask the manufacturer what pH your nutrients water should be.

* If you’re using the new pH Perfect hydroponics nutrients system in a hydroponics indoor garden system, you only have to monitor pH if you want to. These nutrients automatically balance pH to the sweet spot your plants need so they absorb more hydroponics nutrients faster.

* If you’re growing in customized soil that you made yourself you have to be very careful using hydroponics nutrients because the soil will interfere with your plants’ ability to absorb the nutrients. Try using pH 6.3 for best absorption in soil.

* In coco coir hydroponics, you might have to add 150-250 ppm of Cal/Mg to prevent calcium/magnesium lockout that often happens with coir. If you’re using reverse osmosis water, add 50-100 ppm of Cal/Mg; this helps to buffer your water so nutrients absorb better.

* If you’re running a true hydroponics system and not using the new pH Perfect nutrients, adjust your pH to 5.6-5.8. In coco coir, adjust to 5.8-6.0.

* The application and dosage instructions on hydroponics nutrients are for established plants growing in a system where you mix new nutrients once a week. You don’t top off your nutrients back to the original ppm that you started the week with. You just add fresh water until it’s time to mix your new weekly batch of nutrients.

* If you want to feed fresh nutrients batches more frequently than once a week, reduce the ppm of each batch. For example, if you want to run a 1000 ppm concentration and mix a new batch of nutrients three times per week, make each batch 330 ppm so that your cumulative weekly total is 1000 ppm. In this same situation, if you mix a new batch of nutrients more than once a week and run the full recommended dosage of 1000 ppm each time, you might burn your plants.

* If you’re overfeeding, you’ll first see it at the very tip of your leaves. Follow the main vein from the stems through the petiole to the very tip of the main leaflet. If leaf tips are brown or yellow, it could be overfeeding. To correct this, flush with pure, pH-adjusted water for an entire day, and then back off your ppm by at least 150 ppm. Continue to monitor for burning. It should fade away on new growth and not increase on existing growth. If you continue to see yellow or brown leaf tips, contact the hydroponics nutrients manufacturer’s tech support and see if you can troubleshoot the problem.

These insider hydroponics tips are very useful for getting maximum yield from your hydroponics urban garden. Feel free to use our comments section to ask questions or share your hydroponics wisdom regarding any of the topics we’ve just discussed. Now go make your hydroponics plants happy J

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pH Perfect is an easier hydroponics nutrients tactic
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