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The Joe Rogan/Love of Plants Connection

The connection between a grower and his or her plants is unique and wonderful. The connection between a grower and his or her plants is unique and wonderful.

When comedian/activist/actor Joe Rogan said on his recent podcast (Joe Rogan Experience, #132) that dedicated gardeners personally bond with their plants, he and his podcast posse were hilariously funny, and accurate, about the wild and crazy world of hydroponics gardening.

Rogan really nailed it when it comes to how we look at our hydroponics plants in much the same way people look at their pets, or even their children. Consider the parallels between raising children and growing high-value hydroponics plants...

Children and hydroponics plants both have to be cared for carefully and diligently, especially when they’re young. You must feed children and plants the right nutrition and provide a nurturing environment or you damage their physical structure, growth rate, and negatively impact how well they do in life.

We know how parents worry, but there’s a special level of worry when you have a grow room full of sick plants. You’re up all night, monitoring their condition, checking temperatures, trying to find the magic potion that’ll restore them.

With kids or with hydroponics plants, it’s marvelous to see them grow and change. They start little and then they become bigger and bigger. All the while, you guide their growth, hoping to make them fruitful and happy.

The parent-child bond is unique and powerful. When you look at how hydroponics growers interact with their plants, you realize growers and plants share a unique bond of their own.

For example, I often spend time in my hydroponics grow room during bloom cycle. I’ve got a stationary bicycle in there and I ride as hard as I can, breathing in and out vigorously. 

There’s a plant-human symbiosis going on in my grow room: my plants exhale molecules of oxygen that I breathe in. They’re inhaling molecules of CO2 that I breathe out.  They’re using my C02 to fuel photosynthesis that builds their cells and keeps their metabolism strong. A part of me has become a part of them and vice versa.

When I pour nutrients into the hydroponics reservoir, when I pour love and attention into making sure their grow room is clean and climate-controlled, when I invest energy and time into taking care of them, I give a part of my life to my plants.

I watch with fascination and joy as their genetics and metabolism utilize the environment, air, water and food I provide, transforming those inputs into plant structure and growth.

And just like beaming parents who stand smiling as they watch their children graduate from college, I too feel pride when I enjoy the beautiful scents, tastes and sights of my plants.

There’s one facet of hydroponics growing that isn't similar to raising human children. It comes at harvest time, when we consume the crop, when we savor the goodness that Nature provides through our plants.

Somewhere in each flower there’s a part of my heart and soul coming back to me, transformed by the marvels of the plant kingdom.

In life, as in your hydroponics garden, what goes around comes around. When I enjoy my harvest bounty, I know exactly what Joe Rogan was saying in his podcast: there’s something special between a grower and his plants.

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Loving plants is part of the hydroponics path.
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