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As hydroponics gardeners who love plants, we recognize that climate change, destruction of ecosystems, overpopulation and other factors cause extinctions of irreplaceable plants and animals.
If you’ve ever been frustrated by a lack of networking and information when you’re considering hydroponics nutrients, equipment, and hydroponics gardening techniques, I have good news for you.
Spring has sprung, and some of us who do hydroponics are also interested in the benefits of outdoor growing. Outdoor growing has several plusses. You save money because instead of paying for electricity, the sun provides more light than any indoor hydroponics equipment ever could provide.
Each of us has reasons for loving hydroponics gardening, for taking the time and money to run an urban garden for maximum yield. In fact, hydroponics gardening is often a life-enhancing activity, especially if you’ve had times of challenge and hardship when you had to work hard to get yourself…
  Most hydroponics gardeners are familiar with the usual pests that can attack your hydroponic indoor garden and turn your hydroponics plants into sick or dying plants. These little insect criminals include thrips, whiteflies, and spider mites, but there’s an increasing hydroponics gardening problem from an upstart pest called fungus…
When you’re shopping for hydroponics equipment and hydroponic supplies, you’re looking for the best prices and products that increase the pleasure, convenience and value of your hydroponics gardening. What’s more, you realize that your hydroponics retail shopping experience has a decisive impact on the success of your hydroponics garden.
I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel a very personal connection to my hydroponics plants and my hydroponic garden set-up. I don’t look at my hydroponics plants as “living machines.” In fact, the more I pay attention to my plants, the more I recognize they have many of…
You and your friends love sweet-tasting crops that are loaded with quality, flavor and aroma. One way to get those kinds of crops is to use compost tea. What compost tea does for you is it imports natural growth factors into your root zone and plants so you get the…
Here’s a fun hydroponics riddle for you: what’s the similarity between a popular hydroponics material and cotton candy?The answer is that both of them are spun from melted stuff. Cotton candy is spun sugar, and rockwool is spun basalt (sometimes referred to as “diabase”).
Looking for a way to get bigger hydroponics yields? Then give your plants extra carbon dioxide (C02) safely and efficiently. It’s that simple. In most grow rooms that are properly vented and aerated, your ambient C02 concentration is 300-400 parts per million (ppm). Your plants need C02 the way we…

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