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Lots of growers write us at Rosebud after looking at other hydroponics magazines and getting more confused about hydroponics systems and growing techniques. They look at other “hydroponics” magazines, and see how the articles talk only about lettuce, cucumbers, and similar data that doesn’t help you or me as a…
In the far distant past- long before HID lighting, hydroponics nutrients, and year-round indoor hydroponics gardening- we humans relied on nature and tribal knowledge to figure the best time for harvesting. Back then we were on Mother Nature’s timetable. Nowadays, we’re blessed with the ability to grow hydroponics plants indoors…
In our previous episodes about hydroponics garden comparison testing, we’ve covered some fun and interesting territory as we detail how an indoor grower tested the performance of six clones growing in soil and fed only water compared to six clones growing in rockwool and fed synthetic and synthorganic hydroponics nutrients.…
As the economy changes and you’re wondering what’s a more secure future for yourself and your family, running a hydroponics gardening business is definitely something you’ve thought about- and for good reason.
Have you ever thought about what it means to be a “hero?” One way we define a hero is someone who does something super-good even though it’s hard and requires a sacrifice or a lot of courage to do it.
In the world of hydroponics gardening and hydroponics equipment, one of the most popular, small and important devices is the drip emitter.
When you think of fungi, do you think of something fun and productive in your hydroponics garden? Maybe not, but fungi can be very fun for your plants’ roots and leaves, and fun for you because it leads to safer plants, stronger plants, and increased hydroponics yields.
About a year ago, the Big Guy at Advanced Nutrients publicly acknowledged that after nearly a decade of research his scientists finally cracked the code unlocking the mysteries of nutrients absorption that have cost growers huge amounts of time, worry and money for decades.
Here we are with useful data obtained when a grower mixed his own custom soil and used it to do a comparison grow meant to examine how soil performs against rockwool. This experiment featured 12 clones from the same mother: six in soil and fed only water; six in rockwool…

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