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There was once a guy, who I’ll call Joel, who had lost his grow. We met in a storage unit yard where he put his equipment after this dream of growing became a nightmare. He unlocked the padlock and slid up the door to unveil a treasure trove of hydroponic…
It is every grower’s worst nightmare - having to unexpectedly move your grow op, especially in the middle of a crop cycle. But fussy landlords, angry girlfriends, nosey neighbors, and other emergencies can mean that from time to time, you just have to get up and go.
At the end of each garden cycle, and sometimes throughout, growers of high-value plants must clean their hydroponic systems in order to avoid potential problems. For most growers this includes the use of a cleaning or sanitizing agent. Unfortunately, there is little information regarding which products are most suited to…
In order to maintain optimal growing conditions and produce tasty consumables, growers must understand the basics of flushing.The problem most growers face is the overwhelming amount of information and misinformation on flushing.
  Drying your crop is a notorious failure point for many new growers (and some experienced ones, too). I have felt that burn several times myself. After two weeks of cloning, eight weeks of vegetative growth, and up to 12 weeks to flower, a poor job drying can leave you…
  One of the most common misconceptions regarding an indoor garden’s wiring is that a grower can save up to 50% on the electric bill by switching from 120 volts to 240 volts.
  The driving energy behind the success of any indoor garden is the light source. It comes as no surprise that, because of its importance, growers want an efficient way to measure the light. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, as the entire lighting industry and the way light…
  Foliar feeding is becoming increasing popular in indoor horticulture. Many growers are unaware that a plant can actually take in nutrition in two places: through its roots and through tiny pores, called stomata, found on the surface of its leaves.
  After many discoveries in plant physiology, scientists have identified and categorized the elements needed to support plant growth as the essential elements. Rightly named, these elements are essential to plant function and are required for plant health. In addition to the essential elements there is another group of elements…
  For hydroponic growers one of the most influential parameters affecting the garden’s performance is the temperature of the nutrient reservoir. Growers of high-value plants understand the importance of maintaining a consistent room temperature but many fail to understand the importance of the nutrient reservoir’s temperature.

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