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Riding the Peak of Crop Health for Ultimate Yields: Attitude Is Everything

Your attitude affects your grow, so make sure you get any crop off on the right foot. Your attitude affects your grow, so make sure you get any crop off on the right foot.


Achieving the perfect crop is determined even before you transplant. It all starts with an attitude and the desire to achieve cropping perfection, no matter where your current growing skill level may reside.

Experienced growers know that their best results come from uninterrupted plant health, however as experienced growers realize, more often than not, there may be a bump in the road along the way to harvest. How these bumps are handled makes all of the difference in your chances for success.

Just like performance driving, surfing, snowboarding, downhill mountain biking, skiing, free running, etc, the best experiences result from finding the right line through what lays ahead; it’s not always about finding the easiest path, rather, one that flows naturally and smoothly and that leads to the results that we are after.

To be successful in growing, you need to spend some time with your plants, at least an hour or so a few times per week.

This is the type of attitude and approach you should take to developing and maintain the health and development of your crop. Even before you transplant, make sure that you have a winning attitude going into the crop. If performing your growing practices begrudgingly, it will have an impact on your chances for success.

When you take pride in the health and well being of your plants from day one in their life cycle, you will be far more in tune with the subtle changes that will occur on a day to day basis as the crop progresses.This includes being able to notice things like that the new additive you are using was applied at just the right moment based on the response you observe, or when problems are starting to surface, for example observing that leaves are beginning to curl downwards or are developing some small spots.

If you are going to be the type of person who opens the grow room door, makes sure that the lights are on, the plants are alive and then quickly fills the reservoir or waters the plants and then leaves, you aren’t likely going to notice any problems until they have become major ones. Conversely, you probably aren’t going to be able to make any insightful observations about when something is working, or improving the crop over previous efforts with this approach.

To be successful in growing, you need to spend some time with your plants, at least an hour or so a few times per week. Not only that, you need to intimately familiarize yourself with your grow room and all of the equipment that allows it to function.

Know what each fan sounds like when functioning correctly, know where there are hot spots in the plant canopy or where there is less CO2 distribution in the room. Only then will you be able to spot issues before they spiral out of your control, or be able to fine-tune your growing endeavour so that every spot in the grow room produces as consistently and as well as the next. Always be watching and observing, be acutely aware of even the smallest changes in the grow room or plants.

Here’s an example of how attitude can mean everything in growing success or failure: Let’s say you are the begrudging grower. When it comes to growing, you are always in a hurry, and just wish this crop would be finished already. In one of your half-assed and infrequent visits to the grow room you notice a small squeaking noise in your exhaust fan; and it’s amazing that you even noticed it. Even if you do, what’s the big deal, it’s just a little squeak, right? The fan is still running after all, and you are in a hurry to get to your girlfriend’s house. Fast forward to your next visit to the grow room, you open the door and all of your plants are hanging limp and wilted, some of them even appear crispy as you are hit with a wall of heat when you open the grow room door. Two months of time and money stare back at you from down the drain. You curse the manufacturer of the fan and the guy at the hydro shop for selling it to you once you realize the fan stopped working, and temperatures reached far beyond acceptable levels in your prolonged absence.

Your plants will never lie to you. If you aren’t doing a good job, they tell you. Don’t take it personally, just fix it, and fix it fast.

If you were in tune with your plants and grow room, you would know that the fan sounded off. Because you took pride in your crop from day one, you wouldn’t want to see all of your efforts get compromised, so you take the fan down and have a look because you sense something isn’t right. As it turns out, it seems that the internal turbine is wobbling, and the fan feels like it’s running hotter than it should. That very same day, you take the fan back to your hydroponics retailer who confirms that there may be some kind of damage or manufacturers’ defect and gives you a replacement fan right on the spot because you have a warranty since you opted for the better quality fan at purchase months ago. You get back to your grow and re-install the equipment, and a few minutes later everything is running back at optimal.

The next time you open your grow room door, you smile and see that your favorite plants are thriving and really packing on the weight. As a matter of fact, you can’t wait to see them with each visit, just so you can see how your crop is responding to all of the time, effort and love you have been investing.

Folks, this is how it is. There are grow rooms outfitted with the absolute best equipment, yet the plants look like they are on some kind of death march, apparent in various phases of ill-health checkered throughout the grow room. However, while the equipment was the best available, it was installed haphazardly, some of it still sitting in the original packaging, not even being put to work. Little thought, minimal effort.

Consistently, the grow yields poorly and the operator constantly blames everything and everybody but themselves. Your plants will never lie to you. If you aren’t doing a good job, they tell you. Don’t take it personally, just fix it, and fix it fast. You have to be able to respond to any changes in your growing course, feeling and sensing the changes as if they were just part of the terrain on your way to bigger yields. Stay focused, stay present and you will find yourself in the winner’s circle at the end of the line, rather than doing the walk of shame after yet another crash-and-burn.

Sometimes we make every effort and put our best foot forward right from the beginning only to crash. In these instances, pick yourself back up and get right back on track. Don’t be dissuaded by mistakes or failures; stay positive and learn from them. Remember that mistakes are not mistakes if you have learned something from them. Never give up or compromise. If you are a new grower, this is what’s going to allow you to arrive at the perfect crop, and if you are an experienced grower this is what is going to keep brining you back, each and every time you grow.

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Let the Misfits teach you a thing or two about attitude.
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