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Campus Grower: Enhance Your College Years with a Dorm Room Garden Featured

  • Written by  Erik Biksa
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The BC Northern Lights Roommate is a growth chamber that comes ready to grow. The BC Northern Lights Roommate is a growth chamber that comes ready to grow.


Going back to school can be a great thing. Summer was fun—plenty of free sunshine and space to grow your own—but now it’s back to dorm life, or perhaps a basement suite off-campus. That doesn’t have to mean giving up your favorite choice greens and paying the gouge rates at the local market.

Here are a few suggestions for growing in cramped scholastic quarters that will help you and your buddies keep rockin’ through your studies all semester long.


Can-Filters Can 33 Filter and Fan Combo

This device uses a quiet, energy-efficient fan to scrub your dorm room clean of odors through a highly effective and well-engineered activated carbon filter. Just set it to run 24/7 so no lingering smells find their way out your door, potentially offending or enticing others. Beats keeping the windows open in January!


BC Northern Lights Roommate

Finally, a roommate that helps pay the rent on time. While not a whole lot bigger than a mini-fridge, this well-designed and completely enclosed growth chamber comes ready to grow. Just plug it in, and the HID (high-intensity discharge) lighting will provide some respectable yields in a small space. It’s all completely automated, so you can spend more time studying anatomy.


Advanced Nutrients Two-Part Jungle Juice System for Grow and Bloom

The perfect base nutrients when you want more cropping results for less money. Jungle Juice 2-part nutrients come in A&B formulations for both grow and bloom phases, so there is no compromise like there is with 3-part systems, and you won’t have to poke a new hole in your belt because you spent all your ramen noodle funds on your plant nutes. Advanced Nutrients guarantees you will love the results, or your money back because they are manufactured to exacting ratios using higher quality ingredients.

Better Budget

For the budget-minded, 250 watts or less of HID lighting (the type you find in parking lots, overhead signs and security lighting) works great in closets. With a timer and a vent fan, you are off to the races.

Note that the type of fixtures used in outdoor lighting are usually not ideal for growing indoors. It’s the guts you want: the capacitor, igniter, core/coil, lamp holder and, of course, the lamp. From there, someone skilled with electrical wiring can create a remote ballast system. The ballast stays outside the growing area to cut down on heat. A simple horizontal reflector, like an aluminum pie-plate, can work great at directing light to a bunch of plants at different heights, as found in perpetual harvest gardens. HID bulbs run very hot, so beware.

Important Tip:

Short, compact and fast-finishing auto-flowering strains can be advantageous. For on- or off-campus growing, it’s nice to have plants that can grow and flower under the same photoperiod and fit in your closet or cabinet. This way you can maintain a perpetual harvest that starts a new plant and harvests a mature one every week or two.


Not all learning institutions may share your enthusiasm for growing indoors. Penalties can be severe for violating rules, lease agreements, etc., so please proceed with due diligence. We would feel terrible if you were kicked out of school or lost your student loan for growing a few plants.

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