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Hot For Hydro: Intro To Outdoor Growing

Get great info on how to grow outdoors. Get great info on how to grow outdoors.


It’s that time of year again when we bring all our beloved babies outdoors and let Mother Nature take its course and do all the hard work for us. Outdoor season is not only the easiest way to get your grow on, but also a time that brings everyone out of hiding to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. In this installment of H4H, we’ll discuss what you need for growing outdoors, how to keep pests at bay, and how to keep your garden safe and secure from wandering eyes.

First you should decide whether you’re going to use soil or commercial peat-based soilless mix as your growing medium. Next, decide which nutes you will want to use throughout the whole outdoor cycle. I recommend using an all-organic schedule — why not keep it as close to Mother Nature as possible? If organics are not your thing, try a three-part regiment such as Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice. It’s easy to use and also easy on the wallet.
Pests are inevitable when growing outdoors, so keep a close eye on your crop. Pay attention to anything that may look like a sign of pests or disease.

As far as pots go, for outdoors I say the bigger, the better. I personally love smart pots for outdoor season. I especially recommend using them with Pro-Mix, peat-based soilless mix. I always have great results, and they’re easy to relocate if needed. They are also reusable and aerate your roots, which is a plus. You might have to purchase some stakes and vine clips as the season goes on, but it’s a lot less upkeep and the cost of supplies is minimal when growing outdoors.

Pests are inevitable when growing outdoors, so keep a close eye on your crop. Pay attention to anything that may look like a sign of pests or disease. The good news is that there are natural predators out there such as ladybugs to help mitigate the damage pests can cause. The best thing to do while growing outdoors is pre-treat your babies with a natural pesticide, spray them with neem oil and, again, keep a close eye on them.

Pests aren’t the only thing you need to protect your crop from outdoors. Security is always key, especially when your plants are easily accessible. The best security is secrecy, so you’ll want to find a spot that is not easily accessible to the public eye. I recommend a green house if you have access to one. If not, plant in a part of your yard that you can’t see from the street or a neighbor’s yard. Dogs are always great to have but make sure to keep your plants fenced in so Rover or other animals can’t get to them.

There you have it! A quick, simple regimen for a successful outdoor harvest. Outdoor season is the best time of year, so enjoy, fellow growers. Until next time, grow big or go home! xoxo

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