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AeroGarden – Growing Herbs in Your Kitchen

Fresh herbs enhance the look and smell of your kitchen. Fresh herbs enhance the look and smell of your kitchen.

Gardeners on the lookout for new and exciting ways to enhance their indoor gardening should check out AeroGarden, the world’s first self-contained, automated indoor garden appliance. This revolutionary indoor gardening system uses hydroponics technology, requiring no dirt for growing plants. Reviewers rave about this hassle-free device, enjoying the freedom of growing fresh vegetables, flowers, and herbs right in their own kitchen.

Pure aeroponics is a method of growing plants whose roots are inside a chamber containing air, frequently misted by water, and nutrients. The AeroGarden uses a hydroponics method to grow plants without soil, with the roots suspended in an aerated water and nutrient mixture. This allows plants to grow faster than outdoors, free of pests. Aeroponics grows healthier plants thanks to the continuous nutrients the roots receive. Aeroponic gardening is made ridiculously easy with the new AeroGarden appliance, so even novice gardeners can enjoy a plentiful indoor garden.

Whether you live in the country with miles of cultivatable land or are stuck in a crowded city, an indoor garden is a rewarding and efficient way to grow fresh vegetables and herbs. Plants are easy to maintain and manage when they’re right on your kitchen counter– not to mention easy access for cooking.

Herbs grow very well indoors. You will have to spend less time on them than you would on a regular houseplant. Although different herbs have different needs, with time and research you will find the best growing techniques.

If you’re not using an AeroGarden, the main factors to consider when planning your indoor soil-based container garden are sunlight, temperature, and moisture. Read the instructions that come with your seeds to determine the amount of sun and water your plant needs. For some plants, additional moisture needs to be provided by misting or placing the pot onto a tray filled with pebbles and water. The extra humidity helps your plant thrive, so keep an eye on the tray and refill as necessary. Your plant may require as much as eight hours of full sun a day. If you notice the plant has long, “leggy” stems and leaves, or faded leaves, you may need to supplement sunlight with growlights.

By contrast, purchasing an AeroGarden guarantees your indoor gardening success. Choose from several different sizes and kits, including gourmet Italian herbs, pesto basil, cherry tomatoes, green beans, chili peppers, and salad greens. You can also grow a variety of beautiful flowers – including edibles.

The AeroGarden consists of a grow chamber, lighting system using energy efficient, full spectrum bulbs, and a built-in microprocessor which automatically adds oxygen and makes sure the nutrients are distributed evenly. All you do is add the seed pods and water to the AeroGarden and drop in the nutrient tablets then plug it in. Germination is very fast – often within 24 hours – and plants grow about 5 times faster in an AeroGarden than they would outside. Your plants will only take about five minutes of your time each month – adding water or nutrients when your system alerts you that levels are low.

Springtime will soon be upon us. What better way to welcome the new season than by starting an indoor herb or vegetable garden? Even when space or sunlight is limited, you can enjoy fresh produce. Do yourself a favor and invest in a small indoor gardening system like the AeroGarden, or perhaps a larger indoor garden setup with stronger, HID or LED lighting designed to grow more and taller plants in your home hydroponically. Or consider a vertical hydroponics garden for your deck or patio, where adequate sunlight is available. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and growing them yourself will not only add to your enjoyment, but save on your food bills at the same time.

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A look at why the amazing AeroGarden is becoming so popular
Last modified on Friday, 21 September 2012 15:20

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