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Lowe’s Makes Eco-Friendly Solar Power Easy & Affordable

Sungevity has partnered with Lowe’s to make solar power easier and more affordable. Sungevity has partnered with Lowe’s to make solar power easier and more affordable.

Have you thought about using solar energy in your home to offset the cost and environmental impact of indoor hydroponics lighting in your groom room? Have you been discouraged by the extra expense and labor of installing a solar energy system? The choice may have just become easier. Fast-growing Oakland-based home solar provider Sungevity teamed up with Lowe's recently to offer affordable solar options to customers of the world's second-largest home improvement retailer.

Lowe’s new partnership with Sungevity responds to customer demand by providing a convenient and affordable process for going solar.

Sungevity offers an attractive panel leasing plan that requires zero upfront payment and includes a money-back performance guarantee, free maintenance, free online monitoring and free insurance. Purchasing the hardware outright requires a $1,000 deposit and includes none of these features. According to Sungevity, customers typically save at least 15% on their utility bill the first year of installation, and save more each year as grid power becomes more expensive.

Homeowners can receive quotes at Lowe's via Sungevity's iQuote program, which utilizes satellite imagery and aerial photography in designing a custom solar system for their home. They can then review the digital renderings of the proposed solar system while they are there. Sungevity specialists will be on location to explain the benefits of solar energy and the advantages of the lease program.

Starting this summer, homeowners in California, Colorado, Arizona, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware will see the solar service offered at a Lowe's near them. However, this is only the beginning. Sungevity CEO Andrew Birch said the company is already planning to reach Lowe's customers in most states across the nation.

“Lowe’s new partnership with Sungevity responds to customer demand by providing a convenient and affordable process for going solar,” said Senior Vice-President of Merchandising at Lowe's Patti Price in a press release issued by Sungevity. The home-improvement giant has an equity position in the solar company as part of the deal.

In this case, big business is doing its part to spread the cause by offering industry-pioneering small businesses a chance at larger exposure. The agreement between Sungevity and Lowe's is not the first of its kind, but illustrates growing public awareness of the importance of controlling consumption.

The almost too-good-to-be-true leasing deal is sure to attract even less-conscientious homeowners thanks to its cost and ease. Of course, indoor hydroponics growers with grow rooms in their houses will want to make sure they know the exact installation procedure to ensure their garden will not be disturbed and to protect their privacy.

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Danny Kennedy of Sungevity talks about his innovative way of making your house solar powered.
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