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Hydro Players of the Future: Helping the World with Hydroponic Growing

Hydro Nerds are among the innovators taking hydroponics into the future. Hydro Nerds are among the innovators taking hydroponics into the future.


Hydroponics is everywhere in today’s society, encompassing individual home growers, communities fighting for organic foods and developing nations struggling to survive the challenges of global warming. Rosebud spoke to three very different hydroponic companies that are all working toward a greener future.


Offering 24/7 answers to growing questions with their smartphone app, hydro store owner TJ Espinosa is spreading the grower gospel via 4G.

What inspired you to start Hydro Nerds?

We noticed all the companies in the industry were manufacturers, wholesalers or retailers. We also noticed a big gap between growers and customer service. We thought of an idea to service the entire industry, from manufacturer to the end user (pros and hobbyists): a 24-hour support line using text messaging. You just download and ask away.

What has been your biggest accomplishment thus far?

We have had huge success in helping thousands of people from the beginning of their grow to the harvest. Also, our iPhone 4 microscopes are a big hit. People love them.

What are your future ambitions for Hydro Nerds?

We want to have our app on everyone’s phone. Our Android app is coming in December to help growers achieve healthier, greener plants, and keep it Nerd-approved.




Building controlled environments for hydroponic, aquaponic and mushroom cultivation systems, PonicPods co-founder Filene Lehman wants to combat the GMO assault on America’s food supply.

What inspired you to start PonicPods?

Genetically modified foods and the evil Monsanto Corporation, first and foremost. I developed breast cancer and had a real awakening with what I put in my body. In my research I discovered that natural medicines can cure cancer, hence the controlled environment to greatly multiply the good greens. God’s medicine is always the best. Eating organic, non-genetically-modified foods is what was intended.

What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

Getting the very best manufacturers in the country to be a part of PonicPods. We’ve come up with many innovative and progressive products to enhance the PonicPod growing systems. It’s exciting being involved with a large project that promotes local sustainable agriculture.

What are your future ambitions for PonicPods?

Working with several veteran, student, church and Native American farming organizations. We want to see every community have a local, organic farmers market year round.




Canadian-Indian inventor Kashyap Bhatt is bringing his solar- and wind-powered greenhouses to India to help communities suffering from the effects of global warming.

What inspired you to start Greenfield NGO?

Three consecutive years of drought in India stirred my patriotism and motivated me to find a solution. I patented a solar-powered portable greenhouse for countries experiencing a shortage of electricity, water or agricultural land, or an ambient environment not favorable to growing due to global warming. The main mandate is to create employment for women, marginal and landless farmers, and to educate them about how my technology can help them generate income.

What has been your biggest accomplishment thus far?

We have successfully introduced our solar- and wind-powered model GF120 of Hydro Fodder Farm in a village in Pethapur, which belongs to the tribal community in Gujarat State in India. We also installed ozone water-purification systems that give 99.9% bacteria-free water to beneficiaries.

What are your future ambitions for Greenfield?

We are committed to introducing similar micro-finance projects at the village level, and working with other NGOs in India and other developing countries to provide potable water and create employment for female, landless and/or marginal farmers.


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The future of hydroponics is bright.
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