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Bill Maher Rocks on HBO

Bill Maher glad they lost Bill Maher glad they lost

Bill Maher has wasted no time making this season’s Real Time political comedy show especially controversial and vicious. With comedian Chris Rock as a frequent guest and former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura showing up too, Maher is pouring it on.

And in comments made on someone else’s show, Maher described Sarah Palin and other female conservative political celebrities as “MILFS,” which he defined as “Morons I’d Like to Forget.”

Appearing on the Jay Leno show (one of few times Leno’s show has ever been funny), Maher opined that marijuana should be legal, and even hinted that he might be a marijuana user.

In case you just arrived here from outer space and you haven’t heard of Bill Maher, he’s the number one political comedian and talk show host who has a show that deals with politics, popular culture and Americana.

Bill Maher doesn’t do tricks, stunts, or music. He just comes out on stage and wallops his audiences with libertarian, caustic humor.

Real Time isn’t humorous the way most comedy shows are humorous. That’s why Maher is hated by right wingers and adored by the libertarian Left.

For one thing, when you see Maher in his movie Religulous, you see him skewer organized religion, especially the Vatican, which is now embroiled in a sex abuse scandal that threatens to bring down the Pope himself.

But Maher doesn’t just take on organized religion...he takes individual believers to task for what he views as a “mental disorder” that causes them to believe in invisible beings, hear voices, and talk to “imaginary” gods.

Bill Maher Rocks on HBOBill Maher Rocks on HBOIn this view, Maher shares territory with one of his idols, the late comedian George Carlin, whose monologue about the absurdity of a loving god who rains pain, suffering and hell on his creation has long been a favorite of anti-religion folks.

Maher is a frequent guest on Larry King Live (poor King- he’s now being accused of a sexual infidelity scandal).

When a Larry King Live caller told Maher that the caller heard the voice of God and wondered what Maher would do if he too heard God speaking, Maher responded that he would check himself into a mental hospital.

Seems to me that Maher just doesn’t care about who he offends. On his former show, Comedy Central’s Politically Incorrect, Maher said that the alleged 9-11 hijackers had courage, citing how they flew airplanes to their death.

This ignited a firestorm of controversy that eventually led to Politically Incorrect being canceled. Did Maher cry about it? Nope. He did stand-up, wrote new material, and in 2003 HBO signed him to do Real Time.

Unlike Politically Incorrect, which featured a mostly-celebrity guest list, Maher’s HBO Real Time is more “serious.” He interviews authors, war correspondents, senators, and scholars, and he also includes some of them in panel discussions that often turn raucous, zany or vicious. People like Michael Moore, the Oscar-winning documentarian featured in a Rosebud print cover story, are favored guests on HBO’s Real Time.

Maher’s favorite trick is to have at least one or two “conservative” guests that he can play off of. He attacks Sarah Palin, but he’s not a partisan- he also attacks Barack Obama and the Democrat-controlled Congress for carrying out policies that are similar to those of George W. Bush.

Offstage, Maher promotes causes including animal welfare, and the legalization of gambling, prostitution, and marijuana.

Not only that, but Maher is increasingly critical of how corporations have taken over our lives, bought off politicians and corrupted America’s political and economic sectors.

Bill Maher’s Real Time is not funny facial expressions and gags like on The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and the now-defunct Conan O’Brien late night show. When you tune into Real Time, you see Maher channel Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, and Lewis Black.

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