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Hyperspace Hotties: The Most Beautiful Babes in Sci-Fi Today

Alice Eve leads our list of modern sci-fi hotties. Alice Eve leads our list of modern sci-fi hotties.


From Star Wars’ Princess Leia to Star Trek: Voyager’s Seven of Nine, sci-fi franchises always offer a galactic gal to drive fanboys wild. Here’s the current crop of science-fiction females who make us wish the future would hurry up and get here already.

Alice Eve – Star Trek: Into Darkness

This blonde British goddess has been making jaws drop for a while now, but she only popped onto dorks’ screens in 2012. First, she played John Cusack’s love interest in the spooky Edgar Allen Poe biopic/fantasy thriller The Raven.

Then, when summer rolled around, the dazzling Alice was back making the planet safe for horndogs in Men In Black 3. As the young Agent O, Alice was all sleek, buttery mid-century lushness, and her swooping yellow locks made her oh-so-very-shaggable.

Now there’s a new Star Trek movie from reigning interstellar mastermind J.J. Abrams to look forward to, along with the sight of Alice in her tiny blue Starfleet getup. Eve will be playing Dr. Carol Marcus, the lost love of Capt. Kirk. And when you tame a man who beds green-skinned Orion slave girls, you have to be a top-shelf beauty to slow him down to impulse speed.

Karen Gillan – Dr. Who

As the 11th Doctor’s longtime companion Amelia “Amy” Pond, this sassy fireball adventured around the universe battling evil and engaging in a complicated love triangle with the immortal alien supergenius Doctor (Matt Smith) and boring old earthling Rory (Arthur Davrill). Drooling fanboys just wanted Karen for themselves, and when she departed the show earlier this year, they were heartbroken.

Zoe Saldana – Star Trek: Into Darkness; Avatar

We’re ready to beam aboard anytime the incredible Zoe hails us. As communications officer Uhura, this no-nonsense gal warps our minds with her space-age micro-mini skirts. In Avatar, she provided a whole new meaning to “cat fancy” by lending her leggy frame to the insanely skillful 3-D animators who manipulated her into a semi-naked blue feline creature that finally helped us understand what those freaky furries are so kinky about. Meow.

Scarlett Johansson – The Avengers

Scarlett has been corrupting the thoughts of red-blooded dudes since she starred in geek comic classic Ghost World over a decade ago, but it was her skintight leather acrobatics in Marvel’s ultimate nerdgasm The Avengers that conquered the box office and solidified her standing as a sci-fi icon. By playing lethal superspy Black Widow, Scar-Jo earned a permanent seat at any comic book convention – not that anyone would ever dream of telling this knockout she wasn’t invited.

Jennifer Lawrence – The Hunger Games; X-Men: First Class

Her gritty turn in 2010’s Winter’s Bone put her on critics’ radar, but it was Jennifer Lawrence’s back-to-back geeky double-whammy in X-Men: First Class and The Hunger Games that made her a megastar. She’s hot off her Oscar win for Silver Linings Playbook, but sci-fi fans are eager to see her return to her relentless arrow-slinging ways. Even better is the thought of her once again donning blue body paint to display her utterly killer curves as mutant bad girl Mystique in the next X-Men romp.

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The next Star Trek film looks awesome.
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