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Best U.S. Cities for Singles

Check out New York or Miami when you’re single and ready to mingle. Check out New York or Miami when you’re single and ready to mingle.

Thinking of moving? Perhaps you need a change of scenery but aren’t sure where to relocate. If you’re looking to meet someone, there are certain cities ideally suited for singles. These cities offer better chances of discovering romance for a variety of reasons, and are located from one end of the country to the other.

Each location has its own set of pros and cons, so do a bit of research first. You’ll want to factor in climate, career opportunities, and economy before you run out and get change-of-address forms. To get you started, here’s a list of a few of the best U.S. cities for singles.

New York, New York

The sheer population density alone makes New York a fantastic place to meet people. You run into women everywhere you go, so your chances of finding a date are greatly increased. As “the city that never sleeps,” New York has countless nightclubs, bars, discos, and lounges – all ideal hot spots for singles to mingle. The dating scene in New York is fun and eclectic. You have an endless array of entertainment and activities; from theatre to comedy, from dancing to fine dining. Wouldn’t you agree you have a better shot of getting a girl to go to a play on Broadway than to a boring movie in Nowheresville? The downside to living in New York is that it’s very expensive. Apartments, restaurants, and entertainment all cost quite a bit in the Big Apple. If you’re not financially stable, consider another city on our list.

San Francisco, California

This coastal city has a lot going for it. You’ve got a spectacular setting – palm trees and beaches – as well as a close-to-perfect climate. The sunshine seems to put everyone in a good mood, increasing your odds of getting a “yes” to your date requests. The locals are diverse, giving people of all nationalities and ethnic backgrounds a shot at finding someone they click with. San Francisco has a lot of fun activities, restaurants, and cool places to hang out, so you’ll never be at a loss as to where to go to find that special someone.

Boston, Massachusetts

As one of the most liberal cities in the country, Boston attracts a very eclectic crowd. No matter what your personality is, or what your interests are, you’re sure to find someone compatible in Boston. The vibe here is very cool and sophisticated, and the culture is fantastic. It’s ideal for young guys (it is a college city after all), as the nightlife is always hopping. Boston is also perfect for the budding businessman, since the financial district is consistently increasing. The East Coast offers plenty to do in each season, so there’s never a shortage of fun activities and dating opportunities.

Denver, Colorado

Denver has consistently rated as one of the top U.S. cities for singles because of its diverse population, friendly atmosphere, and exciting entertainment. If living in New York or San Francisco would break your budget, Denver just might be the city for you. The cost of living is relatively cheap and there are always entry-level positions for job-seekers. It’s perfect for guys who love the outdoors – especially in winter. Skiing and snowboarding here is awesome – and who can resist those cute snowbunnies? The summers are just as nice, with beautiful lakes and beaches.

Miami, Florida

South Beach. Need we say more? The singles scene here is one of the best anywhere. There’s something about that hot Florida sun that bakes away people’s inhibitions and infects everyone with a sense of fun and frivolity. Miami is one of the most sensual, vivacious, and party-crazy cities in the world. Whether you’re playing volleyball on the beach, cruising the boardwalk, splashing in the waves, or hitting the clubs, one element remains the same – girls, girls, and more girls. And not just any girls. Beautiful, tan, and scantily clad girls. It’s no wonder Miami always makes the list of popular cities for single guys.

Chicago, Austin, and Phoenix are also highly recommended for singles, so you really have a lot of choices open to you. Wherever you decide to move to, or even just visit, all of these cities are great places to meet other singles. You can’t be a homebody though – you need to get out and mingle. Meet as many people as possible and get out as often as you can so you increase your chances of finding “the one.”

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