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The Best Spas in Europe

Relax and unwind at one of Europe’s best spas. Relax and unwind at one of Europe’s best spas.

If you are looking for a truly relaxing vacation in Europe, consider staying at a hotel renowned for its world-class spa. The luxury hotels on our list all have one thing in common – an incredible spa with amazing features suited for both men and women.


The best spas in Europe can be found in many different countries, including France, Austria, and Italy. Wherever your travels take you, an amazing spa awaits.

La Reserve Spa – Ramatuelle, France

This is a gorgeous destination for a vacation, with a 360 degree view of the Mediterranean. The spa looks like a 21st century temple with water and white stone floors, and includes rooms for light treatment, a gym, steam bath, and a beautiful indoor/outdoor pool. The huge spa also offers hydrotherapy, customized programs, exclusive energy treatments, relaxation sessions, fango therapy, and a Turkish bath. With the incredible views of the sea before you, it’s impossible not to relax and unwind. The dedicated specialists at La Reserve help you decide on a wellness program that’s right for you. Whether you want to try a mud and seaweed wrap, a Crème de la Mar massage, or a high-pressure jet shower – this exceptional spa has it all.

Vigilius Mountain Resort & Spa – South Tyrol, Italy

Endless pools are generally reserved for ocean-side resorts, but at Vigilius, the never-ending stream looks out onto the South Tyrolean Mountains – a spectacular view that calms the mind. Services here include massages with mountain herbs and oils that energize your skin and relax your muscles. All of the treatments focus on pure and natural healing, with carefully selected products made with local ingredients like Tyrolean apples and mountain honey. The Sodashi Signature Massage infuses your skin with essential nutrients and resolves the physical and emotional blockades in your body. We also recommend the Phytomassopodia treatment – a specialized massage therapy for your feet. It balances energy, rids your body of toxins, improves your circulation, and reactivates your inner organs for better health. The silence here at Vigilius (a completely car-free area) is truly refreshing.

Mavida Balance Hotel & Spa – Salzburg, Austria

In the midst of breathtaking alpine surroundings, bring your body, mind, soul, and spirit into harmony at the Mavida Spa. Every spa aims to serve as a sanctuary, but Mavida pays special attention to mental balance. Centuries-proven massage methods and relaxing balance programs allow you to forget all your problems and hectic lifestyle. Leave stress behind and embrace internal peace and harmony with specialized body treatments. Mavida received the coveted Gala Spa Award for the “Most Innovative Spa Concept” in 2009. Try the Blue Box – a multi-sensory instrument for fast and total relaxation. We also love the floatarium, a soundproof room with 26% salt water – a fascinating weightless floating experience that relieves deep tension and improves concentration and creativity.

These are just a few of the fabulous spas located in Europe. Other top contenders include the Fonteverde Natural Spa in San Casciano del Bagni, Italy, and the Beautique at Hayfield Manor in Cork, Ireland. For a vacation that truly refreshes you, plan a stay at one of the best spas in Europe.

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Experience true tranquility at Vigilius
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