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You know, most of us might just as well have a cell phone or Wi-Fi device attached to our bodies, the way we count on them so much. That’s why I became very concerned by credible reports saying that Wi-Fi, Wii, cell phones, and hydroponics ballasts generate electromagnetic fields (EMF)…
Ever found yourself sitting in traffic in a particularly creative state of mind, seeing the fumes emanating out of vehicle tailpipes, and suddenly understanding that you’re literally trapped in a smoggy soup of visible and invisible toxins? Well guess what…not only are you breathing in potentially harmful chemicals, you’re also…
Hey, what’s your favorite way to spend a few hours and a lot of money? If going to the dentist isn’t what immediately came to your mind, join the millions of us for whom visiting the dentist conjures up memories of grinding pain, spit, and wallet-breaking bills. I hate going…

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