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Getting Girl on Girl Sex Into Your Bedroom Now

Some girls love pussycats : ) Some girls love pussycats : )

Getting girl on girl sex into your bedroom rather than just on your computer screen or television screen is an exciting idea that most of you guys have. However, when you ask your girlfriend to get hot for some girl on girl sex, you don’t always get a fun answer. Sometimes she might even slap you in the face.

That’s why a lot of men turn to “lesbian” or girl on girl porn. But the problem is that 99.9% of lesbian and girl on girl sex porn is just a couple of girls paid to pretend that they are wild about eating each other out and inserting fingers and toys. They usually are bored hirelings, and it shows on the screen.

In my past articles on this topic, which I highly recommend you read twice or more, I’ve explained that most women aren’t bi-sexual. And if they’re lesbian, they’re into having sex with women but not with a man.

So getting girl on girl sex into your bedroom means having a girlfriend who’s bi-sexual. Most girls aren’t bi-sexual, so if you want girl on girl sex without paying prostitutes to engage in it for you, it’s your job to encourage your girlfriend to be bi-sexual, and of course you start by helping her become bi-curious.

Guys, if your girlfriend likes masturbation, you at least have a leg up to encourage her to go for girl on girl sex. Since she already enjoys touching female genitals, that’s a start. Likewise, if you notice your girlfriend checking out other girls and making comments about their butts, breasts or faces (not just about make-up, hair, jewelry or clothes), then perhaps your girl has a budding taste for females.

I always recommend honesty, especially in sexual relations. Just tell your girlfriend that you’d like to witness or participate in girl on girl sex and see what she says. It helps if you find a tasteful girl on girl sex video or two so you can ease her into the topic. If she’s a sex-positive person, or even just generous and openhearted, it will probably arouse her to see another girl or girls having orgasms. You can also ask her to watch girl masturbation videos. It might make her more comfortable to see only one girl than to see two.

In many cases, even a girl who expressed disgust at the idea of girl on girl sex can suddenly become very interested in girl girl sex when they’ve had a glass of wine or an herbal aphrodisiac. Circumstances may also lead to girl on girl sex. One of my female friends from college was always scorning lesbians and bi-sexual girls and also claimed she never masturbated. However she came back from a Hawaii vacation to excitedly tell me her girl on girl sex story…

Seems that she and one of her vacation friend had surfed all day and were tired, happy and sunburned. After showering, she lay down on the hotel room bed and asked her friend to put some aloe lotion on her back. As her friend applied the lotion, she became aroused. Her friend apparently did too, and started applying the lotion way past the lower back. Pretty soon, they were having girl on girl sex.

My friend was quick to say that she would never consider herself a lesbian and might never have girl on girl sex again, but that the orgasms she had with her girl on girl sex partner were stronger than any she’d ever experienced with a man!

Getting girl on girl sex into your bedroom involves honesty, the right girlfriend and the right circumstances. Stay tuned for more girl on girl sex information you can’t get anywhere else. My feeling is that it’s time for you to make a commitment to yourself that watching girl on girl and lesbian porn isn’t good enough. Get yourself a real girlfriend who has the potential or the already-existing tendency to want girl on girl sex, and you’ll see that it’s a million times better than watching actresses pretend to do it!

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