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Your skin is a mirror of your overall health!

Men usually ignore their skin care Men usually ignore their skin care

Most men feel skin care is not their concern, that it's too feminine to worry about your skin. However, that is starting to change; today, some men are more fashionable than ever, with a cultural emphasis on the importance of perfection. They are using products to showcase their best features in a natural and indiscernible way. More and more men are craving good looks!


Just like your cars and bikes, skin needs a certain amount of maintenance in order to present a healthy appearance. Some men think that taking care of skin is a multi-step process. However, your routine skin care doesn’t need to be lengthy; it’s basically all about being informed and knowing your skin type to get that flawless skin. Generally, men use skin products without being savvy to their skin requirements. Except for these products sounding metro-sexual, most men don’t know much about their importance in the long run.

Using a cleanser is a first step--it's important to remove that excess dirt from the surface of your skin daily. Good cleansing is not only imperative, it also increases blood circulation to the surface of the skin, thus enhancing your skin’s suppleness. It also improves a moisturizer’s performance. For dry skin, rich-cream cleansers are better, while wash-off gels are recommended for oily skin. Use sulfate-free cleansers; sulfates are cheap ingredients that act as a foaming agent and unfortunately they are used by too many companies.

The sad truth is men overlook the importance of a good quality moisturizing product; it isn't just a “girl thing”. Lack of moisture leaves your skin dry and cracked; shaving can make your skin very dry. Moisturizers help hydrate your skin, further nourishing the skin cells that prevent your skin from damage. Ideally, you should moisturize your skin in the morning and at night. Day moisturizers have defensive properties that thicken the outer layer of skin and night moisturizers are regenerators. You can apply it once a day, preferably after you shower. A good moisturizer with SPF 15 will protect your skin against dangerous UV rays.

Each man's skin is different, requiring special careEach man's skin is different, requiring special careAvoid rough treatment due to intense scrubbing. Apply cleanser gently in a circular motion, and rinse with warm water only, not hot water. With a clean towel gently pat your skin. You can use toners for fresh skin, it is optional. Rosewater and witch hazel are the best means to hydrate and protect your skin. Avoid products that have alcohol, dioxane, parabens, phenol, carbolic acid, and mineral oils because they clog your pores. There are plenty of man-friendly facial spritzers that are easy to carry while travelling.

Men usually face skin problem during winter, when your skin is dry and scaly. Shaving at this time becomes a difficult task. It is advisable to use shaving creams that have natural ingredients like bamboo and ginger with vitamin E, cynergy TK, manuka honey and rigin; they come with no side effects. A reliable shaving tip for acne-prone skin: before shaving, treat your face with a steam i.e., after cleansing and before shaving. This can be done on weekends; it will soften your facial hair and clear your pores in the process. Use a simple toner to close your pores after a steam. Using a facial moisturizer is the simplest way to keep your skin soft and supple.

If aging skin is bogging you down, use effective natural skin care products to get rid of wrinkles. Love your skin, use natural products and you’ll see the difference; avoid strange additives and chemicals. There are varieties of skin care products on the market that have properties suitable exclusively for men. Go grab them to get that perfect look! Eat a balanced diet, drink plenty of water daily, and avoid cigarette smoke. These are essential factors in maintaining healthy skin. There is nothing more important than a feel-good factor! And if you have healthy skin, you'll also look good!

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Good grooming starts with good skin care
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