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Take Care of Your Hair, Boost Self Esteem

Maintained hair -- great looks. Maintained hair -- great looks.

For some men, hair care and self confidence come naturally, while for others they have to be acquired! For most, opting for a hair treatment or hair therapy is nothing more than forking over their money. But, it is very important to understand that if hair problems are not caught in time they can wreak havoc with your life. Hair-loss can be a killer for your confidence. Dandruff can ruin your social life. On the other hand, healthy hair will enhance your overall personality!

Hair care starts with your scalp! For a clean, healthy scalp, wash your hair daily to minimize clogged pores and other scalp problems. Scalp massage is beneficial to promote good blood flow. It keeps your scalp flexible, it relaxes nerves and muscles, and it helps hair growth. Once a week, massage the scalp with your fingertips, in a circular motion. Understand your scalp type (dry, oily and normal) and accordingly use a suitable shampoo and conditioner. Stay away from the highly chemical hair care products, opt for natural ingredients. And use a dandruff shampoo, if you have to.

Once damage has occurred to your hair the only way to repair it is to cut off the damaged length. Hair damage is mainly caused by the improper technique of towel drying. When wet hair is rubbed with force it tends to cause damage to the outer layer of your hair. For effective towel drying, shake out excess water and fondle your hair in the direction it grows; you’ll see the difference in the hair structure. Blow drying is also a cause of hair damage; excessive blow drying leaves your hair dry and lifeless. If you regularly blow dry your hair, it is advisable for you to apply a detangler or a thermal styling spray because they protect your hair from any damage. When combing wet hair use a wide-tooth comb to avoid pulling and tearing. It is always advisable to leave your hair slightly wet; this will prevent hair from over drying.

Hair loss problemHair loss problemDo not go overboard on showering under steaming hot water! This will damage your hair and scalp, because very hot water removes essential oils from the scalp leaving it and your hair dry and lifeless. It is very important to understand your scalp type and accordingly use the right shampoo and conditioner for washing your hair. Generally, if your hair length is not more than three inches, a mild shampoo is suitable to wash hair every day. One good wash should be sufficient, do not follow the “rinse and repeat” process. However, if you play in a rock band and keep your hair shoulder length, do rinse and repeat.

After shampooing, rinse your hair thoroughly and then use a good moisturizing conditioner to reduce frizzy hair. Conditioner acts as a softener for your hair. Use conditioners that have ingredients like polymers, collagen, balsam, silicones or resins that may provide a protective layer, smooth your cuticles and reduce snarls and tangles. You can also use a serum to give your hair an extra shine and smoother appearance.

Do not wear a tight hat or tie a tight ponytail because that can cause hair breakage. Keep your hair trimmed regularly to get rid of damaged hair and split ends. Don’t buy hair products because they are cheap; they’ll either grease your hair or make it too dry. Buy good quality gel, pomade, mousse, hair color and any other hair products that are suitable for your hair type. Note, while traveling don’t forget to carry a UV hair cream and if you can’t find one go for a leave-in conditioner for similar effects.

A healthy diet and adequate sleep play vital roles in healthy hair growth. Iron B 12 deficiency can interfere with the formation of hair cells. Most doctors recommend a healthy protein-rich breakfast and lunch. Remember, whatever you put into your body will be reflected in your hair. If you ingest nothing but healthy stuff, your hair will thank you! Drink plenty of water, and your hair and body will never get dehydrated.

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