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Why Do Women Hate Mustaches? Or Do They?

It may not be your mustache that is turning women off. It may not be your mustache that is turning women off.

Between the ages of 11 and 15, boys enter the mysterious and confusing world of puberty. As a public symbol of their foray into manhood, facial hair starts to sprout. As excited as most boys are to finally be allowed to shave, many are loath to see an end to their manly mustaches. (As a consideration for the feelings of these boys, we won’t dispute the word manly.) In reality, it isn’t until the ages of 16 or 17 a full mustache is possible.

Perhaps it’s because facial hair is the first outward symbol of a boy becoming a man that it remains popular. Many men describe their mustaches as a badge of pride or masculinity. Usually the men who scoff at the idea of a mustache are the ones who aren’t able to grow them. As one guy put it “We’re not all Tom Selleck.”

What about the opposite sex? Why do women hate mustaches? Or do they? Opinions vary from woman to woman, but it does appear the common consensus among the female gender is extreme dislike for the mustache. Of course, with any fad or fashion statement, there are avid supporters. Some women applaud the mustache man for his self-confidence in growing a style of facial hair that is constantly critiqued. Sadly though, these women are few and far between.

The majority of women either prefer a clean-shaven face, a goatee, or just that hint of a five o’clock shadow. Where’s the love for the once-popular mustache? While a man might think his mustache makes him look masculine and sexy, women may think it makes him look like a porn star from the 70s. If that’s not the case, she may be reminded of her father who’s sported a dashing mustache for the past forty years. Neither bodes well for romance.

Of course, many women actually like the look of a man with a mustache. Unfortunately, her opinion may not be quite as favorable when she gets up-close-and personal with it. The scratch of those bristly hairs becomes painful very quickly during a make-out session. You can imagine how uncomfortable they are when brought into contact with even more sensitive areas of a woman’s body. So although your girl may have admired your mustache from afar, she may feel quite differently once she’s experienced “beard burn.” Perhaps you’re one of the lucky ones whose mustache doesn’t feel like a Brillo pad and your girlfriend actually enjoys the feathery feel against her skin. Rejoice! You get the girl and the bragging rights. Your buddies, even though they make fun of your ‘stache, will all be secretly jealous.

The decrease in acceptance of the mustache can largely be attributed to pop culture. It’s not often you see a model in a magazine or leading man in a movie decked out with a mustache. But should you let that stop you? If you like your mustache and don’t care what others think; by all means, keep it. Perhaps your self-assurance will be attractive to women, and you won’t get the “shave it or lose me” ultimatum. This will be especially true if you’re a good dresser and have nice hair. A mustache will be the least of your worries if you don’t have style.

Mustaches are a personal choice in men’s fashion and no one’s opinion should matter but your own. If you’re experiencing long spells of celibacy however, you may want to revise your opinion. But don’t despair, mustache-enthusiasts. If bell-bottoms and fedoras can come back into fashion, there may be hope for the mustache after all.

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