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Save Money with Rooftop Solar Panels and Wind Turbines

Installing solar panels may reduce your electric bill to as little as $5 a month. Installing solar panels may reduce your electric bill to as little as $5 a month.

In today’s economy, everyone is trying to find new ways to cut costs and save money. Rooftop solar panels and small-scale wind turbines are two effective ways to reduce your home’s electric bills. Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular and can be installed on most roof styles and materials. Rooftop wind turbines are one of the most talked about trends in renewable energy, with more and more homeowners considering how these systems might save them money.

Solar panels are a great investment that will increase the value of your property, save you money, and help the environment. The downside is the cost of installation, and potential problems include whether or not your roof receives enough sunlight. Installation costs of wind turbines are also quite pricey, although some states have incentives that help cover a portion of the charges.

Solar Panels

Solar power is the conversion of sunlight into electricity. Solar panels use light energy (photons) from the sun to generate electricity through the photovoltaic effect. Because a single panel only produces a limited amount of power, most installations contain several panels, called a photovoltaic array. Rooftop solar panels make use of renewable energy from the sun and are a clean and environmentally sound means of collecting solar energy – with the added bonus of being very cost effective.

If you are considering installing solar panels on your home, first make sure that your roof has unobstructed south-facing space. This is the ideal setting for solar panels, although east-west roofs with good exposure may work just as well. Also check that there isn’t any shading (at any point during the day) on the surface you intend to install the panels on, because this will reduce the effectiveness of your system. See if your state offers any rebates to offset costs before you purchase your panels.

Installation specialists like Premiumpower.com offer quality solar panels with a life expectancy of 30 to 40 years. Power generated by these solar panels will reduce your electric bill to as little as $5 a month, and clean surplus power can be sold back to your electric company, giving you immediate returns on your investment. In certain locations the government will pay you up to $20,000 to install a medium-sized power system, so check the website out for details.

A brief look at rooftop wind turbines.


Rooftop Wind Turbines

Wind turbines generally spin from tall towers on hilltops and plains. But in today’s “go green” society, turbines are increasingly seen on homes and garages. Rooftop wind turbines send electricity they generate directly to the home’s circuit box, which reduces utility bills.

In most residential wind energy applications, a home is served both by the wind turbine and a local utility. When wind speeds are low, the home’s electricity is purchased from the utility. As wind speeds rise, the turbine output increases and the amount of power purchased from the utility decreases. When the turbine produces more power than the house needs, the extra electricity is stored on the utility grid in the form of a credit to be used later when the wind is not blowing.

For a rooftop wind turbine to be effective, it must be mounted to access a free flow of wind. The entire rotor of the turbine should be situated at least 30 feet above surrounding trees and buildings. You need a strong average wind speed, so make careful measurements around your home before you make your purchase. Check out Swiftwindturbine.com for average wind speeds at your location.

If you’re interested in evaluating your energy needs, visit nrel.gov – the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s official website. You should also consider a hydroponics indoor garden next to your kitchen to grow your own vegetables. This is a very effective way to save money, as well as produce quality, healthy food for your family. The U.S. Department of Energy has many practical suggestions for how to cut energy costs, so take a look at their website at Energy.gov. In today’s tough economy, it makes sense to do as much as we can to cut costs and save money. It’s also extremely important to do our part in protecting the environment and keep our planet clean. Solar panels and rooftop wind turbines just might be the home of the future, so do some research to see if your house is ready to keep up.

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