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With a grower's busy schedule, finding ways to do things more efficiently is always welcome. Home Plus, a South Korean retail chain owned by Tesco and Samsung, has found a way to help people manage their time and eat more healthily, creating virtual grocery stores in subway stations. The idea is beautifully straightforward and its effects are fascinating.

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New York has started a growing trend that’s already branching its way outside North America: windowfarming. Windowfarming uses maximum window space for hydroponic growing and it’s no surprise its roots are found in New York. According to the 2010 US census, 8.2million New Yorkers reside within a land area of just 305 square miles (790square kilometres), and a recent 2011 ECA International report placed Manhattan in the top 50 “World’s Most Expensive Cities.” With living space clearly at a premium, and a population with a desire to still be able to grow plants and vegetables at home, urban windowfarming was born.

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