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The future of man is now. Through the magic of science, we have learned how to cultivate professional athletes to be the strongest, quickest and most reactive humans in the history of the planet. The American military has created exoskeletons to aid soldiers in carrying extra weight over long distances, and scientists believe it’s only a matter of time before this helps paraplegic men and women walk again. Technology’s curve is a steep one, and these are just a few of today’s developments toward creating the superhumans of tomorrow.


We all know that most rappers love hydroponic crops, but some have been known to slang rhymes about growing itself. Here are some of Rosebud Magazine’s favorite grower-centric lyrics.

Chicago’s a tough city. There are more than 400 murders each year. Subzero winter winds whip at high speeds. Hard-nosed politicians like Rahm Emanuel rule the roost. Even the plants have to be tough.

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