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Cameron Handley

Cameron Handley

Cameron Handley is a left-handed English major who grew up spreading Holly-tone and hunting for morels in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. He recently found himself relocated to the concrete jungle, but plans to make his way West in the future. Cameron hopes to one day make a living combining his love for gardening with his passion for writing and philosophy.

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Porn queen Jenna Jameson is being sued by movie theater owners in Chicago for blowing off a contracted appearance back in March. The notorious adult star claimed to be ill on the weekend of an arranged book signing and screening of her of her 2008 R-rated horror comedy Zombie Strippers, but when pictures of a quite healthy-looking Jameson out and about when she was supposedly sick surfaced on the internet the following week, the owners of Hollywood Palms and Hollywood Boulevard cinemas sensed foul play. It turns out that Jameson had apparently been prescribed attendance to gossip king Perez Hilton's “Blue Ball Birthday Celebration” in LA to remedy her ailments. But what about the guys she left hanging in Chicago with blue balls of their own?

Have you thought about using solar energy in your home to offset the cost and environmental impact of indoor hydroponics lighting in your groom room? Have you been discouraged by the extra expense and labor of installing a solar energy system? The choice may have just become easier. Fast-growing Oakland-based home solar provider Sungevity teamed up with Lowe's recently to offer affordable solar options to customers of the world's second-largest home improvement retailer.

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After 25 years of providing viewers with hope and inspiration, larger-than-life icon Oprah Winfrey is retiring her daytime talk show. The four-hour taping of her finale, “Surprise Oprah! A Farewell Spectacular,” was held at the Union Center in Chicago on Tuesday, and in attendance were some of the biggest names in showbiz, including Tom Hanks, Michael Jordan, Tom Cruise, Madonna, Josh Groban, Jerry Seinfeld, Halle Berry, Usher, and many more. The final episode will air as a two-part special beginning May 25.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife, Kennedy family member Maria Shriver, surprised the public on Monday night when they officially announced that they have put a hold on their marriage and are currently separated. What appeared to many as a relationship of strength tested by time, is succumbing to the pitfalls of unhappiness. While marriage issues are not atypical in the worlds of Hollywood and politics, Schwarzenegger and Shriver's falling out is startling. Even though she didn't want him to run for Governor of California, their marriage seemed defined by a solid history and strong family, and marked by relatively little scandal. But apparently the relationship has been on the rocks for years. And now, though the Governator's marriage may be terminated, he is more than ready for action.

You were probably surprised last Wednesday when the White House released the long form version of President Obama's birth certificate. Sure, a group of conspiracy theorists known as “birthers” have been making claims against the president's legitimacy since his inauguration based on empty allegations that his birth certificate is fake, but certainly those who promote such theories should be given as much credence as your town drunk. Obama himself illustrated just how silly the issue was during Monday's White House Correspondents' Dinner, sarcastically numbering United States officials with ethnic names, showing his live birth video (which consisted of a clip from Disney's Lion King), and also an image of what the White House would look like with a Donald Trump makeover.

The face of contemporary terrorism, al Qaeda figurehead Osama bin Laden, was shot and killed in Pakistan following a firefight with a United States Military Special Ops team. President Barrack Obama made the announcement late Sunday evening. The news was met with a response of joy and relief in America and around the world. But while the event will undoubtedly mark a monumental place in modern history, the impact of bin Laden's death on America's War on Terror will only be revealed in time.

Whether you care or not, you probably haven’t been able to escape hearing that Friday marks the date of the royal wedding held at Westminster Abbey between Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton. Most of the rest of the world has been steadily preparing for the event. This monarchical celebration of the British Royal Family and tradition has been the obsessive focus of virtually all news and entertainment providers for the past week, and a constant subject of bemusement, excitement and anger for bloggers all over the Internet.

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