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Organic fertilizers tend to be, let’s just say, thick and stinky. That makes them a poor fit for recirculating hydroponic systems.


Each essential element plays a vital role in plant health and development. Most indoor horticulturists come to understand N-P-K and how its value can affect their gardens, but many may not fully comprehend the roles played by the other essential elements.


Believe it or not, one of the hardest areas to master within an indoor grow room is propagation. Whether starting from seed or clone, it is difficult for many growers of high-value plants to produce consistent results.


In last week’s article, Indoor Garden Root Diseases: Part 1, I discussed two of the more common root diseases found in an indoor garden, pythium and rhizoctonia. There are a few other root diseases that can quickly cause distress for a grower of high-value plants.


For the organic purist, soil is much more than plain dirt. Soil is the life-sustaining substance that is instrumental in stimulating growth and promoting abundant yields. Many outdoor organic growers have a heightened knowledge of individual organic substances, which allows them to tailor their soils to the specific needs of their high-value crops.


There are a slew of problems that a grower of high-value plants may encounter in an indoor garden at any given time. People who think indoor horticulture is easy underestimate the amount of time, effort, and knowledge that goes into a smoothly operating grow room.


Many indoor horticulturists are surrounded by technological advancements as soon as they step into their grow rooms. A modern grow room is full of high-tech gadgets, with everything from sophisticated atmospheric controllers to the latest advancements in horticultural lighting.


HID light manufactures, most indoor gardening distributors, and the majority of hydroponic retailers may not want to admit it, but horticultural lighting is taking a new direction. A few manufacturers are already embracing this new direction and producing some outstanding, innovative products.

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