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Welcome to the world before sampled beats, teen girls who can’t sing packaged as singers, and music that has absolutely no meaning or energy at all. Come to Rosebudmag.com and we’ll give you tips on real music you can listen to when you want to change your consciousness or just plain rock out!

Alice Cooper: Killer (1971) Widely viewed as one of rock’s greatest albums, Alice and the boys run through a set of blazing songs covering topics ranging from espionage, wild sex, child-abusing parents, the death penalty, and life on the run. With surging beats and multiple lead-guitar attacks, Killer is perhaps most famous for the song Halo of Flies, with its cloak and dagger lyrics, symphonic interludes, several timing changes, and the snarling, soaring vocal performance by Alice.

The role of women in hydroponics gardening and the hydroponics industry is changing fast.

In the distant past, women were relegated to the realm of being post-harvest trimmers or behind the scenes assistants.

The vast majority of growers were males, as were the vast majority of hydroponics entrepreneurs, retail storeowners and spokespersons.

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